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I Dreamed I Slept with a Hot Merman!

May 27, 2017

Dreams about Mermen The other night, I had a bizarre dream. After watching this video of a little girl getting snatched by a giant seal, I dozed off to sleep. That’s when I suddenly found […]

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Best Colognes to Attract Hot Guys!

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Men's Grooming/Health

7 Anti-Aging Foods That Help Men Look Younger

December 24, 2016

If you want to look like a younger man, eat these foods More and more, men are paying attention to personal appearance. For a lot of guys, this means investing time and resources into high […]

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Top 10 Cars For Sex As Told By Gay Men!

March 1, 2017

Top cars for sex as shared by gay men! Believe it or not, people having sex in cars is still an American pastime. In fact, a recent study published in the Journal of Sex Research […]