10 Sexy Facts About Jake Gyllenhaal That Might Surprise You!

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Fun facts about Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal is one actor that’s hard not to notice. With deep blue eyes and a million-dollar smile, this 6’0 tall celebrity is a favorite of gays and straights alike.

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Possessing a wide range of skills, Gyllenhaal is more than just a handsome face. From all accounts, both personal and private, the California born star is down to earth and gentle.

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We’ve written about Jake Gyllenhaal in the past when we explored how his some of his background and the source of rumors regarding his sexual orientation.

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And we fawned over the hunky actor when took a quick peek into how he built such an amazing body for the movie, Southpaw.

Given this celeb has a new movie coming out, Nocturnal Animals, in December of this year, we thought it might be fun to present 10 facts about Jake Gyllenhaal that might surprise you.

Are you ready to get your Jake on? Let’s jump right in!

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1. Comes from a showbiz family

Many do not know this but Jake Gyllenhaal comes from a showbiz family.

His mom (Naomi) is a screenwriter. His dad is a director. And his sister is an actress.

2. His parents kept him humble

Even though Jake comes from a family with money, his parents worked hard to keep him humble.

The actor has shared in public interviews that his mom and dad made him work as a teen and take on regular jobs. That’s why before he was a giant star, he used to be a bus boy and lifeguard.

3. He’s proud of his work on Brokeback Mountain

In 2005, Jake starred in a movie called Bareback Brokeback Mountain. The film was groundbreaking and told the tale of two cowboy ranchers who developed feelings for one another.

When the 10-year anniversary of the film was discussed at the Hollywood Masters series, he reflected upon his role as Jack Twist and the story’s same sex theme.

Perhaps the best part of that interview was when Jake shared how proud he was of the movie and the legacy it left behind. You can see some of that interview by visiting this post.

In many ways, the iconic film helped to change hearts and minds regarding gay relationships. Some believe it may have even contributed to the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality.

One thing is for sure, a ton of gay romance novels hit the market that were no doubt inspired as a result of the film. Many of them are available on Amazon today.

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Credit: 20th Century Fox

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4. Beer can size assets

There have long been rumors floating around that Jake Gyllenhaal has what amounts to a beer can sized snake in his pants. This point has been discussed by other blogs, including The Daily Top and Buzzfeed.

We decided to do some looking around ourselves. Looking at the photographic evidence, we would absolutely put him on par with another celeb with apparent enormous assets; yummy Chris Evans.

5. He went to school with Adam Levine

A little unknown fact about Jake is that he’s good buddies with the Grammy Award winning vocalist, Adam Levine.

The two have known one another since kindergarten and used to ride the bus together, as reported by a CBS affiliate. In fact, Levine is the one who pushed back against Jake Gyllenhaal “gay rumors” in 2011.

As an aside, playing a gay character never bothered Jake. In fact, he’s embraced it and shared in an interview that, “It Means I can play more kinds of roles.”

In this way, Jake’s progressive attitude helped him to cultivate a large LGBTQ fan base; something that smart actors do to build their career’s early.


6. He’s done theater

We think of Jake as a silver screen actor. That makes sense when you consider the number of amazing films he’s starred in over the years. But what many do not know is that Jake also is a theater actor.

In 2012, he appeared in an off Broadway production of Nick Payne’s, If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet. He also was in the show, Constellations.

7. He likes woodworking

Another not so known fact about Jake is that he likes to work with his hands. Specifically, he’s into woodworking and furniture building.

In an interview appearing in Britain’s Cosmopolitan magazine, he shared the following:

“I like woodwork, building tables and stuff. I get excited about that. My dad was a carpenter for a while, so maybe it comes from that. I just enjoy it. It’s incredibly calming. I made my mum a 10-foot table. It’s a mahogany-cedar sort of craftsy table. I’m really proud of it.”

We like that Jake is into woodworking. In fact, we wrote all about men and wood because it’s kind of a fascinating topic!


8. Taylor Swift wrote about Jake

You may or may not already know this but Jake Gyllenhaal used to date Taylor Swift. The two were a duo from October of 2010 through January of 2011.

While the romance may not have lasted, the memory of what they shared endures. That’s because Taylor Swift wrote a song about their relationship called, All Too Well, in her 2012 album, Red.

9. He Follows Buddhism

Jake Gyllenhaal is a very mindful guy, meaning he’s an actor who tries to live in the here and now. This is a central tenant of Buddhism, something the star has voiced an interest in.

“The first class I took was Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism,” he said in an interview appearing on the website, Pop Sugar. He’s also shared in other interviews that he practices mindfulness.


10. Jake has a hot hairy chest

In many of the films you see starring Jake Gyllenhaal, you’ll notice his chest is shaved. That really sucks because when you see photographs of him unshaven, it’s pretty hot. In fact, it makes us want to prepare ourselves for a night of fun!

We like hairy chested wolves on this blog and to demonstrate this point, we encourage you to check out several pictures of Jake sporting his manfur (and other celebs) by visiting our Pinterest page.