15 Facts About the Yummy Power Ranger Studs!

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Power Ranger Studs

The new Power Rangers movie just released and earned 40 million in its first weekend. This moderate success is also backed by surprisingly a main cast of mostly unknown actors.

Specifically, the three leading men don’t have much mainstream work under their belts (one more than the other two). But, the world is now being properly introduced to these three hot guys, and you can join them.

Here’s 15 facts about the Power Rangers men (and some hot pics to go with them).

Gay Pop File: Dacre Montgomery

Birthday: November 22, 1994, Perth, Australia

Height: 5’10

Eye Color: Deep Sea Blue

Hair Color: Rich Blond

Body Type: Jock

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

1) His Name

First, it’s best you know how to pronounce his name right. The word Dacre is actually spoken out as Day-ker.

As for its origin, it comes from Cumbria. It was originally a surname that meant trickling stream. (Maybe it was a prophecy of all his fans’s salivating mouths.)

2 A Virtual Newcomer

Montgomery has had a wonderful couple of years. He’s gone from being a small-time thespian to now a lead in a blockbuster film.

Before he donned the red morphing suit, Dacre Montgomery had only a few stage productions, a short film called Betrand the Terrible, and a pilot for a show that never saw the light of day.

He went from obscurity to a leading man. We all wish we could be so lucky.

3) A Kind Leader

On top of playing the leading man on camera, he also acts the part off camera.

Cast member Becky G had only great things to say about her cast mate, “Dacre [Montgomery], the Red Ranger, he really did take on that leadership role in real life, just like he does in the film… He established this whole group chat on WhatsApp before anyone had even met each other.”

She went on further to say, “It was just so nice to chat with the people that I was going to be spending five months filming with before I even met them. Ludi [Lin, who plays the Black Ranger] was like, ‘good morning from China.’ I was on tour. Naomi [Scott, the Pink Ranger] was in the U.K. Dacre was still in Australia. RJ [Cyler, the Blue Ranger] was kicking it in LA. I feel like I knew these people before we had even started filming. That was all thanks to Dacre.”

4) He’s A Literal Butterfly

It’s not just us who enjoy looking at Montgomery with his shirt off. In fact, he shows off his abs in a not so subtle vanity shot during the film.

But it’s Dacre Montgomery himself who says that all the attention on his body is totally new for him. In fact, he said that just a few years ago he looked like a completely different person.

“Jason is perceived to be this jock character, but I wasn’t that in school,” he told TeenVogue, “I was overweight, I didn’t really have any friends, I didn’t play sports.”

Since then, Dacre has put a lot of work into his body, and now he’s not afraid to show it. In fact, he even uses it to his advantage.

5) He Stripped His Way Into Stranger Things

A few months ago, Netflix announced that Dacre would be joining the Stranger Things cast for their second season.

He’ll be playing the charismatic, Camero-driving Billy who’s the stepbrother of another new character named Max. Billy will also be trying to “steal” Natalia Dyer’s character away from her boyfriend.

Probably the best part though is what Montgomery did to get the role.

“I made like a short film,” He told CinemaBlend, “I had an opening score, opening titles and credits. And I got in like a G-string and danced naked to ’80s music with this leather jacket and crazy glasses. That night, Thursday night, I sent it off.”

Can someone send the video to us too?

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Gay Pop File: Ludi Lin

Birthday: November 11, 1987, Fuzhou, China

Height: 5’10

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black

Body Type: Jock

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Male Stud

1) He’s International

Ludi Lin has been around the globe and back. Born in mainland China, Lin eventually moved with his mother when he was four to Hong Kong. Then, he later studied at boarding schools in Australia until her later emigrated to Canada during his senior year of high school.

Since then, Ludi Lin has bounced around, but is currently living in Beijing, China.

2) He’s An Academic

On top of being cultured, Ludi Lin is also highly educated. First, he’s fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. As for his academic past, he graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Theatre Performance. He also studied film and TV acting in Lost Angeles.

Then to his mother’s request, Lin also took up a bachelor in Dietetics and had some further study in Medicine.

3) He’s A Martial Artist

On top of being well taught in multiple academic fields, Ludi Lin is also well versed in martial arts.While he was moving around across the globe, Lin had the time to hone his body. He took up Muay Thai in Thailand, learned Jiu-Jitsu, and even Olympic style wrestling.

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4) Growing Up Was Rough

It seems that Ludi Lin and cast mate Dacre Montgomery have something in common as they were both overweight as kids. Lin’s unfortunate childhood doesn’t stop there however.

Starting at birth Lin had it hard. He was born with lung issues that created a heart defect. Adding to that, his mother, whom he loves, forced him as a baby to only sleep on his back to make sure he grew up to have a flat head.

Adding to that, Lin’s first crush chased him around with plastic scissors (after he’d kissed her on the cheek without her permission) and he was bullied as a child.

On the bright side however, the latter led to him getting the resolve to learn Cantonese in only three months (if just to yell back at his bullies).

5) A Family Man

One thing that’s certain about Ludi Lin is that he loves his family. His Instagram is riddled with pics of him and his mom hanging out, when he’s not posting about Power Rangers or his many photoshoots of course.

It’s clear that Lin sports a close bond with his family.

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Gay Pop File: RJ Cyler

Birthday: March 21, 1995, Jacksonville, Florida

Height: 6 ft

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black

Body Type: Twunk

Zodiac Sign: Aries Male Stud

 1) Rising Star

While Dacre Montgomery and Ludi Lin are still relatively new to the mainstream eye, RJ Cyler has already made splashes. RJ Cyler starred as Earl in the film Me, Earl, And The Dying Girl which premiered in Sundance before being picked up by Fox Searchlight Pictures for distributing.

Cyler’s part in the film earned him nominations from The Critics Choice Movie Awards and the San Diego Film Critics Society Awards.

And now, besides 5 possible Power Rangers sequels, Cyler is looking forward to acting in two upcoming films and a Showtime drama.

2) Was Once Homeless

Adding to his rags to riches story is the fact that RJ Cyler was once homeless.  Clyer was raised the youngest child in a five-member family. His parents, a cook and a truck driver, were struggling to make ends meet. The family ended up selling everything to move to California and eventually found themselves without a home.

Shortly after, Clyer got the part as Earl and things quickly turned around for him.

3) Loved Entertaining Since Birth

RJ Cyler has loved entertaining for years now. He’d gone to auditions and when those didn’t work he found other ways to entertain. One way was that, at the age of twelve, he formed a dance group with his brother. All for the sake of art and entertainment.

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4) He’s Still Growing

RJ just turned 22 this past week, but it seems that his body isn’t done growing. Besides having to go through intensive exercise to look the hero part, RJ’s also grown several inches since his Me, Earl, And The Dying Girl Days. Now, though he’s the youngest, he’s in fact the tallest out of the Ranger boys.

When asked by Collinder what his secret is, Cyler just said he’s been drinking more milk and eating more greens.

5) He’s in War Machine

As hinted at earlier, RJ Cyler is keeping busy with several projects laid out for the future. One such project that’s already done filming and currently in post-production is War Machine.

War Machine, starring names such as Brad Pitt and Tilda Swinton, will be released later this year on Netflix and is about a journalist following the life of an army general and his team during times of war. Funny enough, RJ Cyler was in London filming for War Machine when he got the call saying he had been cast in the Power Rangers movie.

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