5 Facts About Denver Broncos Stud Emmanuel Sanders

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Emmanuel Sanders Facts

Emmanuel Sanders is one of those swoonworthy NFL players that just makes you all warm and gooey inside. I mean just look at this dude’s pictures and you will quickly see what we mean!

A wide receiver for the Denver Broncos and all around stud, this star athlete is well loved by fans for his agility, playing skills and of course his handsome looks.

And because we aren’t shy about man-crushing on football players and other athletes here at the blog, we’ve decided to present five fun facts about Emmanuel Sanders you might not know.

And because we are the kind of blog that gets into fantasy situations, we’ve also included a poll at the end of this post as a way of voicing your fantasy scenario.

Don’t you just love football? Let’s jump right in!

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Gay Pop File: Emmanuel Sanders

Birthday: March 17, 1987, Bellville, TX

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 5’11

Weight: 180 LBS

Eye Color: Brown

Shoe Size: 11 (rumored)

Body Type: Total Jock 

Emmanuel Sanders Football Highlights

Sanders has been with the Denver Broncos since 2014, making him a relative newcomer to the team. This fact however, doesn’t mean he is new to the NFL.

He previously played for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2010-2013. During his first year with Pittsburgh, he and the team made it to the Super Bowl XLV – but lost to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers in a 31-25 game. And did we mention he suffered a foot injury during that game? Yep, he did.

In March of 2014, he signed up with the Denver Broncos. This was the same year that super swoonworthy Broncos player, Mr. Eric Decker left the team and signed up with the New York Jets.

Since that time, he’s been a team favorite, putting up some impressive stats in his column.

OK – onto the five things you might not know about this player!

Film countdown. Number 5

1 He went to Southern Methodist University

Sanders was recruited by Texas Christian University (TCU), the Kansas Jayhawks, the Baylor Bears and the Houston Cougars. In the final analysis, he chose SMU.

2 He didn’t grow up with money

Most of the public record shows that Sanders grew up poor – as in very poor. He has shared in interviews that he would play barefoot football in the back of his house with neighborhood buddies, dreaming of one day being part of the NFL.

3 He’s multi-talented

While Sanders is known for his football playing skills, he’s actually an all-around jock. Back during this school days at Bellville High, he excelled at basketball, baseball and track.

4 He was fined for faking a foot injury

Not to bring up any ugliness, but Sanders was fined by the NFL for faking a foot injury. The drama happened when he was with the Steelers in a game against the Cincinnati Bangles. Sanders was hit with a 15,000 fine and the team 35,000 respectively.

5 Money isn’t an issue now

Sander’s three year contract with the Broncos, signed in 2014, is worth an estimated fifteen million dollars. This is a significant upgrade to previous compensation packages he enjoyed with other teams in the past.

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