5 Gay Men Reveal the Worst Lies They’ve Ever Told a Date

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Royalty, a dead ex and faking tallness

Can we be honest? At one point or another, all of us lie a little bit ourselves when we meet someone new. OK, maybe “lie” is a bit harsh. How about fib?

According to recent research, around 61% of us tell some type of mistruth on a first date. Most of these are minor, like shaving off a year or two from our age or not letting on about recent relationships.

But there are a few of us who tell whoppers – particularly when we’re crushing on a guy we want to impress! Given that we’re now in an age of alternative facts, GPB asked a group of gay men on Facebook the worst they ever told on a first day.

We got lots of responses. Here are 5 of the BIGGEST fibs that came to our mailboxes.

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Pretended to be a criminal defense attorney

A friend of mine set me up on a blind date with a smoking hot guy. Tall, green eyes, muscles – the whole 9-yards. When we settled in over coffee, he told me about his job as a corporate attorney. I don’t know why but I pretended to be a lawyer too! I totally made up some crap about being a criminal defense litigator.

Too many lonely nights spent binge watching Law and Order I guess.

It took him all of 5 minutes to figure out I was full of sh*t. We never met again and he never found out that I really work as call center rep.

– Tim

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Faked Scottish Royalty  

I met a very nice guy on OK Cupid who looked promising. We agreed to meet at a downtown eatery for our first date. When I saw him getting out of his BMW, all decked out in a pinstripe suite with wingtips, I immediately felt WAY out of my league.

Once we started talking, I trailed off into some story about being from “Scottish Royalty”. Don’t ask me why I said it. I just did. And like the old saying goes, when you tell one lie you have to tell more to cover up the first.

We did go on a second date but I fessed up to my faux nobility. He was cool about it but we never did meet again.

– Kenny



Pretended to have a “Dead” Ex-Boyfriend

Jumping into a new relationship after ending a long term situation is never a good idea. I’m telling you this now but that doesn’t mean I follow my own advice.

Not long ago, I found myself extremely attracted to a guy I met on Hornet. We had chemistry with all of our cylinders operating at maximum, if you know what I mean.

But I completely messed things up. You see, I told him that the guy I had previously been in a 5-year relationship with died. Why? Because in order to get over my ex, I convinced myself that he was dead.

Obviously he wasn’t, which became obvious when he spotted me and the Hornet guy out at a bar and introduced himself.

The date was instantly over.

 – Jason

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The Fake Motor Cycle Enthusiast  

I went out on a blind date with a guy who I quickly found out was an adrenaline junky. He was loved to skydive, zip line, ski and drive fast cars.

And me? My idea of excitement was getting opening tickets to the newest show on Broadway. But he was so hot, I figured it was best to fake a similar interest.

Stupidly, I told him I liked riding motorcycles – a lot. In fact, I even claimed I once owned a Harley. When he asked me which model, I froze. I thought they were all the same.

– Felix