5 Great Movies to Spoon with Your Man!

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Great Spooning Movies to Get Your Cuddle On!

Have you been looking hoping to find some good spooning movies for you and your man? Are you married or perhaps casually dating a guy and desperate to find something that the both of you can watch together? Do you need to find a flick that strikes the right balance between action and romance? If so, you have come to the right place!

While many people think of movie watching as a passive activity in relationships, there is some evidence to suggest that it can actually help your romantic life grow. In an interesting study that appeared in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, researchers determined that couples who watch and talked about an average of five movies a month were 50% less likely to split up.

The problem of course is finding films that both parties can agree upon. While it is true that everyone has different tastes, we think we’ve found five specific movies that you and your man might enjoy. What we like about these flicks are there various undertones; a dash of adventure coupled with a sprinkling of action. Oh – there are elements of romance in all of these as well.

Are you ready to check out our five great spooning movies? Let’s jump right in.

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1. Tracers with Taylor Lautner

If you like fast paced, action based movies mixed with a little romance, Tracers with Taylor Lautner might be a good choice. We won’t give away the entire film but if you want to know more about this flick, including a plot involving a hunky bike messenger played named Cam (Taylor Lautner) who joins a street gang of thugs hell bent on stealing loads of money, check out this review.

2. Playing It Cool with Chris Evans

Need a romantic comedy that explores the unique dynamics of relationships? Hoping to find something with a little bit of camp? We highly recommend Playing it Cool starring Chris Evans – plus a bunch of other well-known actors. This movie also can work for a dose of eye-candy. After all, Chris Evans is in it! Make sure you check out our Playing it Cool review here.

3. The Longest Ride with Scott Eastwood

We admit the plot of this movie was somewhat predictable however, it’s still a great movie for spooning. If you are hoping to find something cute with a storyline that mildly holds your attention, The Longest Ride might be a great option. Think hunky cowboys oozing with masculinity. We’ve got a fairly detailed review of the film you can check out here.

4. The Boy Next Door with Ryan Guzman

Are you hoping to find a stimulating movie that has elements of adventure, romance and suspense? Is your goal to also find a flick that has a hot guy in it that makes for delicious eye candy? Well grab your man and start spooning because The Boy Next Door with Ryan Guzman is a great choice. Think obsession and crazy neighbor for this one. If you want to read our extensive movie review on “The Boy Next Door” be sure to click on this link.

5. Cut Bank with Liam Hemsworth

This is another movie that has a fairly interesting plot but not so much that you can’t focus on your guy. Liam Hemsworth plays a scruffy faced, hunky mechanic named Dwayne who becomes part of a murder mystery. Think rugged and adventurous with this one, tossed in with a love story. To read our review of Cut Bank, visit this page.

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Spooning It Up!

All of the movies mentioned here can be either streamed through Netflix, Google Play or iTunes. You might even find one or two on Hulu Plus.

The trick behind finding a good spooning movie is to get one that allows room for you and your man to cuddle on one another. You want to get your cute on, right?