5 Reasons We Would Totally Kiss Michael Ray In the Morning!

99.5 WYCD welcomed Chase Rice and Michael Ray to Saint Andrew's Hall on November 21st, 2014. (Photo by Steve Wiseman / 99.5 WYCD)
(Photo by Steve Wiseman / 99.5 WYCD)

…Or anytime he wants

Michael Ray is a country singer you may or may not have heard about. He’s just starting to pop into the public awareness with his hit single: Kiss You In The Morning. We’ve listened to his little ditty and we have to say it sounds pretty cool!

And because he grabbed out attention (as many cowboy types do) we thought it might be kind of fun for you to check out five reasons why you might want to check him out too. Yes, we totally admit we are man-crushing on Michael Ray and would be down with kissing him wherever he wants!

1) The dude can sing

Michael Ray’s sound is a mix of country and rock (“Modern Country”) that has a nice beat. His claim to fame song, Kiss You In the Morning that came out earlier this year has started to gain traction with audiences.

But it’s not just Ray’s music that folks are taking note of but instead – his swoonworthy look! Here’s the official music video from his tune.

2) Muscles and Tats

When you look at Michael Ray, you can’t help but notice how muscled up the dude happens to be – plus all of the cool tats covering both of his arms.

We have to say this is a very cool look to see on a country singer and specifically on Mr. Ray. At least on this dude – it works!

michael ray sexy

3) He’s a Millennial

Born in 1986, Michael Ray grew up in central Florida about an hour outside of Orlando. Around the age of 16, he decided to throw his hat into the world of music. “I was able to play the Opry in Eustis, Florida where I was fortunate enough to play with Porter Wagoner, Ray Price, and Bobby Bare to name a few!” he shared in an interview with Country Chatter.

4) He grew up playing country music with his grandpa

Michael Ray has shared in several interviews that he grew up around country music and was influenced by his grandfather. What’s instantly pops out at you about the singer is how humble he is. And we have to say here at the blog that when we checked out his Facebook page, he had fans from all different backgrounds – including folks who identify as LGBT. That’s cool!

michael ray

5) Super handsome and talented

The final thing you need to know about Michael Ray that go beyond his amazing singing abilities is this – the dude is way handsome! Just look at the scruffy face, blueish green eyes and million dollar smile. We haven’t even gotten to his wildly deep baritone voice. He’s absolutely got the look and sound that will carry him far if he plays his cards right.

Final Thoughts

Michael Ray appears to be moving faster and faster towards celebrity status in the country music world. He made it to CMT’s list of 15 artists to watch for 2015. What we hope to see with this young man is a continuation of the millennial spirit of inclusion. He’s got a different look and feel than other country singers – such as Mr. Kenny Chesney or Tim McGraw.

If you are a Michael Ray fan – don’t sweat it that a gay focused blog picked up on your man. Here’s the deal – most celebs, including musicians, who cultivate a gay fan base find they are able to grow their fame to new heights. Just talk to Nick Jonas or any of the other smart celebs.


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