5 Things Mike Pence Doesn’t Want LGBT People To Know!

mike pence

How many of these anti-gay facts about Mike Pence do you know?

By: Conrad Braxton

Donald Trump has officially made his VP pick for election 2016. His name is Mike Pence and he’s the current Governor of Indiana.

If his name sounds familiar, it’s probably because he’s been attached to a number of anti-gay initiatives – with the most notable one in 2015.

Aside from Pence being the Hoosier state’s Guv, he was previously a six term congressman. During that time, he helped to bring about a culture of hate against those who identify as LGBT.

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Here is just one of his many anti-gay statements he’s made over the years. This one was made about gay people serving in the U.S. Armed Forces:

“Homosexuality is incompatible with military service because the presence of homosexuals in the ranks weakens unit cohesion.”

But that’s nothing! What follows are 5 things about Mike Pence that he doesn’t want LGBT people to know. Be sure to share with your friends and those who support equality rights.

Let’s jump right in!


1. He’s the “Religious Freedom” zealot from Indiana

Mike Pence became a household name when he signed into law the infamous “religious freedom bill” back in 2015. Pence claimed it would “extend legal protections to Indiana business owners” who did not want to participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies.

After a mountain of pressure from private citizens and corporations, he was forced to sign an amendment that essentially said it wasn’t OK to discriminate against LGBTQ persons.

2. He rejected Obama administration’s directive on transgender bathrooms

As reported in Time,

“In May, the federal government directed school districts to allow students to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. The directive came as criticism crescendoed around a North Carolina law that would have restricted the use of bathrooms.

Along with many other consservatives, Pence opposed Obama’s directive and said it was a state issue. ‘The federal government has not business getting involved in issues of this nature'”

3. He thinks gay couples will trigger a societal collapse

According to a report in Time Magazine, Mike Pence said in a speech, “Societal collapse was always brought about following an advent of the deterioration of marriage and family.”

In that same speech, Pence also called being gay a choice and share with his audience that, “Keeping gays from marrying was not discrimination, but an enforcement of God’s idea.”

4. He wanted to keep “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

Mike Pence favored the longtime military policy of not letting soldiers openly identify as gay.

In 2010, he told CNN in an interview that he did not want to see the military become “a backdrop for social experimentation.” Thankfully, the policy ended in 2011.

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5. He’s against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) was proposed to ban discrimination against individuals based on their sexual orientation.

Mike Pence voted against that law in 2007 and later said the law “wages war on freedom and religion in the workplace.”

More than 20 years after the bill was first introduced, the Senate approved the proposal in 2013, but the bill failed in the House.


This is just a small sampling of the Indiana Governor’s anti-gay rhetoric and history. To think he could be a heartbeat away from the presidency should concern all people – gay or straight.

Mike Pence is no friend to LGBT Americans. And his record on women’s’ reproductive rights is also – well – scary.


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