6 Romantic Gay Movie Ideas for Streaming to Get Your Love On!

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Romantic gay movies

In an era when the Internet has taken over and YouTube is all about comedy, video-clips mainly have to do with sex, and reading has become a not so popular hobby, where can someone find romance? Have we forgotten how being sensitive feels like?

In cases like this, there is only one solution. Art. Art is always there for us when we need to awaken feelings we have lost contact with, and, as we guess you know, films is an art form.

So, in this post we will be taking  a look together at six romantic gay movies to stream on Netflix and elsewhere to let you get in touch with our sometimes hidden, romantic side. We are all looking for love deep insight, aren’t we? At least, just a little bit.

1. Latter Days / 2003

A classic movie for all the gay romantic birds out there. A film to make you cry like a baby since its heartbreaking plot, no matter how uncommon it might seem, will speak to your heart. But let’s take a look at it shall we?

The story follows Aaron (Stebe Sandvoss) who is born and raised Mormon. With three fellow missionaries he arrives in Los Angeles to spread God’s word –it is already a little bit cheesy, isn’t it? Ironically, Aaron rents a place next to Christian (Wes Ramsey) a gay party animal who makes a bet with his roommate that he can seduce the young Mormon.

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Of course, since it is a movie, he does, and that’s when Aaron realizes he is gay. The two guys  fall in love and Aaron goes back to his hometown where his parents send him to a faith-center to be “cured of homosexuality.” At the same time, Christian, the party animal who also fell in love with him, tries to find him.

The movie has one of the most iconic gay sex scenes, and the fact that Jacqueline Bisset stars in it, makes it even better. “Latter Days” scores 7.1/10 on IMDb.

2. Beautiful Thing / 1997

Another gay romantic movie which scores more than 7 starts on IMDb. To be precise, 7.7. Also, the film has won four awards on international film festivals and three nominations, so it is a definite must-watch. Especially if you were in love with the most popular guy on high-school. You’ll feel some connection there!

Ste is a popular, athletic lad but also a victim of family violence. He and his family live next to Jamie, an unpopular, shy kid who is frequently bullied by his classmates. An episode of violence makes Jamie’s mom accommodate Ste and a tender attraction grows between the two high-school sweethearts.

“Beautiful Thing” explores how young representatives of the gay community come to terms with their sexuality after they fall in love for the first time. A feeling we all need to remember.

Don’t believe that you are going to watch many steamy, sex-scenes, but a romantic story that will make your heart melt and awaken your innocent feelings of love and affection. Remember how your first kiss felt? If your answer is “no,” you will after this movie.

3. Weekend / 2011

Okay, we know you might not be a “vintage” movies enthusiast so we have included some more recent ones for you. As you can imagine, since our times have become more superficial, “Weekend” follows a more realistic plot which, at the same time, doesn’t feel shallow.

It is a Friday night (oh God, who doesn’t like these?) and Russell leaves a house party to visit a gay club alone. This is where he meets Glen, a hot guy he leaves the place with. It was supposed to be a one night stand but something deeper grows. They finally spend the weekend together with lots of alcohol, drugs, sex, and personal stories about their lives.

According to an IMDb plot author (Andrew Haigh), “Weekend is both an honest and unapologetic love story between two guys and a film about the universal struggle for an authentic life in all its forms. It is about the search for identity and the importance of making a passionate commitment to your life.” Wow, Andrew! You really hit the nail on the head with this one!

Reasons to watch it: Great performances, great director, hot actors (especially Tom Cullen). IMDb: 7.7/10

4. Out In The Dark / 2012

If you like dramas, this one is for you. But we don’t only mean romantic dramas where the main character has to find the love of his life and the sun always shines in the end. We mean real drama with political messages, social influences, a great love story, and a fair amount of action. ”Out In The Dark” has it all.

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The film narrates the story of Roy and Nimer, two gay men at the center of the infamous conflict between Palestine and Israel. Roy and Nimer fall in love and everything would seem idyllic if politics and social boundaries wouldn’t get in their way. Can love conquer it all? That’s the question this movie asks in a dark, adventurous and sexy scenery.

A great production with a pretty good cast that will get yourself to wonder about the power of love and how it motivates us.  IMDb users have rated it with 7.6/10. Sounds fair!

5. Boy Culture / 2002

Okay, we have to be honest. This is mostly an eye-candy kind of movie. If you are familiar with Derek Magyar, you can understand why. However, the romantic influences are not completely absent. They are definitely there, lying  either under satin sheets or in a sexy steam-room. But let’s move on to the plot, shall we?

It all starts as a confession, something that is not too original, but always catchy. A successful male escort who is only interested in sex when he is paid for it, finds himself entangled in an enigmatic relationship with one of his regular clients who eventually asks him to share a meaningful story. The escort, with the mysterious name of X, also lives with two roommates –one of whom he is secretly in love with.

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This is a movie (based on a novel) with many sexual references, comical elements, and some extra exaggeration. Yes, you could watch it while writing an article. Of course, I am not talking about me!

6. Private Romeo / 2011

Who doesn’t love Shakespeare? Oh, please don’t say you raised your hand! Shakespeare is always relevant and this movie is a modern adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” Yes, we know. It sounds too cheap to watch (and we guess that’s why it scores 5.9 on IMDb). However, you should definitely give it a chance!

We are in an isolated military school where two boys fall in love. The rest is already known, unless you believe that Shakespeare is a hipster bar in NYC. Great performances, great direction, great editing, and with excerpts from the original Shakespeare text.