65% of Gay Men Didn’t Use Condom For Last Encounter (Survey)

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Encounter of the Sexual Kind

Be honest, what are your thoughts on barebacking? Are you for it? Against it? Do you prefer to have sex without a condom, or do you always keep one handy?

Well, thanks to GMFA, a Gay man’s health charity group, we know have a better understanding of what gay men are thinking on this topic.

GMFA released the latest issue of their magazine titled FS, and the main article in this issue is the response to a survey that the group issued.

They asked 523 gay and bisexual men when they last had sex, if they used preventive measures to protect from STDS, when they last got tested, and their personal definitions of what “risky sex” is.

The results found that nearly 2/3rds of the men said they didn’t use a condom the last time they had sex. Plus, only 8% of that 65% said either they or their partner was using STD prevention such as PrEP.

In addition, nearly 1/3rd (32%) of all the men surveyed said that they did not no before having sex if their partner was HIV-negative. Plus, 27% of the men say they think their sex lives could be considered “risky.”

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In response to these results, the Chief Executive of GMFA, Ian Howley, wrote up a letter to go with the article. It states:

“The results of the survey has shown that sex is complicated and there is no one size fits all safer sex strategy.

“First we need to define what is risky sex in this day and age.”

“Safer sex in 2017 is more complicated that it was twenty years ago when your only options were condoms or abstinence as a way to protect yourself from HIV and STIs.

“The advancement of treatment, the fact that gay men who are on HIV treatment and have an undetectable viral load so can’t pass on HIV, added to the increased number of gay men who are taking PrEP, means that gone are the days when sexual health education was just about telling people to use condoms.

“We now must do more to increase gay men’s knowledge about all the options open to them.”

“Of course condoms still play an important role in preventing other STIs and should still be a major part of a safer sex strategy, however, it’s not a one size fits all approach any more.

“We need to meet gay men where they are in their lives.

“We need to keep on pushing the message that there is more than one safer sex strategy.

“We need to increase people’s knowledge about PEP, PrEP and what HIV-undetectable actually means in the real world.”

So what are your thoughts? Do you consider your sex life to be “risky?” Do you prefer to wear a condom or go bareback? And do you talk to your partner about these things before you have your fun?

Let us know in the comments.

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