7 Facts About Dad Bods You Probably Don’t Know!

leonardo dicaprio shirtless dad bod

Dad Bods

In many ways, the label Dad Bod is pretty much self-explanatory. But given that we live in a world of bears, otters and wolves, it can sometimes be difficult to know for sure.

And so in the spirit of education – mixed in with a little fun – we thought it would be kind of cool to present 7 facts about Dad Bods you probably don’t know.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

dad bod facts

1. “Dad Bod” was invented by a college student

Hard has this one is to believe, the phrase “Dad Bod” was invented by a college student. Her name is Mackenzie Pearson and she attended Clemson University. It became part of the official lexicon back in 2015.

2. Dad Bod meaning

A guy who has a Dad Bod is a man who occasionally hits the gym but doesn’t really have the build of a jock. You can have a Dad Bod at almost any age but it is commonly used to refer to guys who are somewhere between age 30-50. The main picture on this post of Leonardo DiCaprio is a good example of a typical Dad Bod.

3. Is Dad Bod part of gay body types?

Yes and no. In gaydom, we have our own unique labels for different body types. Generally speaking, guys with Dad Bod’s are straight. In gaydom, men with Dad Bods are the equivalent of being a heavy otter or blossoming bear. The entire thing is subjective.

4. MOOBS are part of Dad Bods

Have you ever heard of the term, moobs? Well, it’s basically a way of saying a guy has man boobs. What’s more, moobs are pretty much a requirement for a person to qualify as having a Dad Bod.

5. Are there different types of Dad Bods

The answer is yes. In fact, there are a number of different variations of Dad Bods. Examples include “College Dad Bods” and “Hairy Dad Bods” and “Hairless Dad Bods”. This goes back to point number 2. Almost any guy who is male can have a Dad Bod.

6. Can you have a Dad Bod if you aren’t a dad?

Yes – you do not need to have children in order to have a Dad Bod. Remember, this particular body type came from the world of straightdom. It is meant to be an affectionate term to describe guys who are not gym rats but are also not obese. “Dad” is used as a descriptor by younger people (college students) to describe what their dad’s bod looks like. “Hey, that guy has a dad bod – like my dad!” for example.

7. Are Dad Bods hot?

That’s entirely up to you to decide. In gaydom, the premium seems to be placed on youthful looks and an athletic builds. We of course are generalizing here but many people who do not comport to the ideal within gay-o-topia report feeling invisible. This includes guys with Dad Bods.

And for what it is worth, not everyone in straightdom digs the Dad Bod.