7 Hot Facts About Cubs Player Kris Bryant!

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Kris Bryant Watch!

Don’t you love baseball? We sure do. If you have followed our blog for any amount of time, you already know that we sometimes cover different MLB players that grab out attention in a big way.

Given that the Fourth of July is upon us and that we are celebrating all things Red, White and Blue, we thought it would be fun to focus on one specific player who happens to be a third baseman for the Chicago Cubs. We’ll give you our 7 reasons why we’re watching Kris Bryant plus some background facts on one of the hunkiest players in the MLB.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

Kris Bryant Facts

Birthday: January 4, 1992

Sign: Capricorn

Eye Color: Deep Blue

Height: 6’5

Body Type: Otter/Wolf

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Photo Credit: Out Sports

1) Dreamy blue eyes

The first thing that jumps out at you when you see Kris Bryant are his crystal blue eyes. Don’t they seem to pierce straight through you? In this way, he is similar to Chris Pine Cone … we mean Chris Pine. Fun Fact: Bryant originally hails from Las Vegas, Nevada and was born on January 4, 1992 – making him a solid Capricorn. It also makes him a millennial stud!  

2) Scruffy Face

The second thing you will notice about this wolf in the making is his scruffy face. Usually he keeps it trimmed just at the jawline (see our post on celeb facial hair styles). Fun Fact: Bryant might have learned how to sport that beard during his time in trendy California where he attended the University of San Diego.

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3) He is good at home runs

This guy knows how to swing a bat hard. He was invited to spring training by the Chicago Cubs in 2015 and led all of his teammates – hitting 9 home runs out of 40 times at bat. In baseball, that is a BIG deal. Fun Fact: Bryant’s nickname is Silk, which was given to him by a schoolmate, hottie Bryce Harper, when he was 9.

4) He’s SUPER tall

Kris Bryant is a very, very tall man. He stands at 6’5 inches tall (yes you read that right) and weighs in the neighborhood of 215 pounds. He is rumored to wear a size 12.5 shoe. You know what they say about dudes with big feet. And you just know by looking at him that the guy is packing major hidden assets that are just too much yummy!

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Credit: Instagram

5) He can play the guitar

According to what we are seeing through online news reports, Kris can play the guitar. He shared this bit of information in an interview with USA Today. Turns out he likes to play Jason Aldean and Taylor Swift tunes. Isn’t that just super cute?!!! Kris, will you play us a little something?

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Photo Credit: Bleacher Report

6) He’s a smart cookie

When Kris was in high school, he earned an impressive 4.85 GPA while at Las Vegas Bonanza High School. Now as a player, he has started to realize that baseball is a serious business and not just a game. “I think now more than ever … I’m realizing this game is a business, and all I can do is go out there and play as hard as I can and make it really hard on the guys in charge”. – EPSN.

7) He makes baseball fun to watch

The final reason we are keeping an eye on Kris Bryant is because he makes the game of baseball fun to watch. Even if you are not a fan of the storied Chicago Cubs, he’s the type of player that you want to root for all the same. He has a genuine love of the game and really looks to be having fun at it. Plus, Bryant truly does look extra cute in his red, white and blue Cubbies uniform!

Bonus Video

Here’s a really cool video of Kris you might want to check out. Once you get past some of his famed plays, he answers several questions on camera. Be sure to look at those baby blues and feast your eyes on his perfect smile. So cute!

And Kris baby if you are reading this, we are sooo watching you play baseball and love it whenever you swing that big freaking bat. Not sure if you know it but dude … you have a giant gay fan base!



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    • Oh hey might have something in common with liberace and Elton John and it isn’t the singing

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