7 Hot Facts about Cardinals Player Randal Grichuk

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Randal Grichuk Watch

If you haven’t already noticed, we like to focus on sports players and athletes here on the blog from time to time. And every once in a while, we run across a baseball player that just seems interesting to us.

And it is in that spirit we’d like to talk about St. Louis Cardinals Outfielder, Randal Grichuk! Yes, at the time of this post we’re in the dead of winter but don’t forget, spring training for baseball happens super soon.

So what follows are 7 hot facts about hunky Randal Grichuk you might now know – plus a fantasy poll at the end.

Aren’t man-crushes great? Let’s jump right in!

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Randal Alexander Grichuk Vitals

Birthday: August 13, 1991 – Rosenberg, TX

Zodiac Sign: Smoking hot Virgo

Eye Color: Dreamy Brown

Height: 6’1

Shoe Size: 13 (rumored)

Body Type: Super Jock

randal and andy

1. Hunky facial hair

One of the first things you will notice when looking at different pictures of Grichuk is his fondness for facial hair.

Sometimes he sports a goatee and other times he’s got the whole scruffy face thing going on. Maybe he is setting the trend in St. Louis or did he pick up the hot man look at some point in Texas, where he was born?

2. He’s apparently cool with gay people

A major reason we dig this handsome millennial born player is that he seems to be cool with gay folks. In May of 2015, the studly outfielder Tweeted that he enjoyed meeting and hanging out with Andy Cohen.

And you know what – we think that’s awesome because a lot of sports players get all paranoid about being seen chilling with gays. Not Randal – which makes him even more awesome! It also makes him a smart person!

3. He’s got a powerful right arm

In 2015, Randall won the distinction of the longest home run at Busch Stadium for that playing year by a Cardinals player. We’ve watched this man play and he’s an aggressive hitter who does well with first pitch fastballs.

His one weakness is that he sometimes will miss the easy pitches, such as high fastballs over the plate. Hey, nobody is perfect – right?

randal grichuk

4. He’s interactive with fans

Some sports players really don’t have much to do with their fans and others make it a point to show appreciation. Randal is one of those athletes who truly likes mixing it up with his followers.

His well attended to Twitter account demonstrates in a major way. Make sure you check it out for yourself!

5. He has three things he can’t live without

If you are a follower of Grichuk, there are three things that the man simply cannot live without. These include: Netflix, his phone and food.

We’re not making this up. He shared these tidbits of information in an interview he gave back in 2014 with SB Nation.

6. He’s had some injuries

Like most athletes, Randal has experienced his fair share of injuries. In his case, he tore a ligament in 2010 during his time with the Los Angeles Angels.

He also fractured his knee cap while batting a foul ball. And finally, he broke his wrist once while diving for a ball. Apparently he is all healed up now from these injuries but hey –

Randal – if you need someone to play nurse, we can do that for you!

randal dog
Don’t you wish you were that puppy?

7. He can’t take a bad picture

Do a quick search on Pinterest and try to find any bad pictures of this guy. He’s one of those rare people who has a photogenic face. And did we mention that he’s a fan favorite with Cardinal’s fans too?

Gee, not only is the guy a pretty awesome player he’s also not hard on the eyes. Woof – with cherries on top!

Bonus Video

Here is a quick video of Randal that gives you a flavor of his personality and interests. Take note of the cute southern twang he has going on. Doesn’t it make him even more scrumptious?

And Randal, if you happen to be reading this – know that you have LOTS of LGBT fans with a few of us that would totally be down with catching your baseball.

Yep, we’re totally mancrushing on you!