7 Sexy Facts About Bryce Harper + Fantasy Poll!

bryce harper shirtless sexy stud

Bryce Harper Facts + Hot Pics + Poll

Bryce Harper is the type of baseball player we love watching here on the blog. You may recall that we covered Harper in the past when we crushed on several hot MLB players. You’ve likely seen this hunk playing for the Washington Nationals as an outfielder. He’s also been popping up in the press more and more given his recent photo shoot with ESPN.    

Given our affinity for handsome guys who know how to handle a bat (see our post on Kris Bryant) we thought we would continue to look at Bryce but this time through the prism of 7 facts you may not know – plus some ridiculously woof-a-licious pictures that just make you feel all warm inside.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

Bryce Harper Facts

Birthday: October 16, 1992, Las Vegas, NV

Sign: Libra

Eye Color: Deep Blue

Height: 6’2

Body Type: Jock in Wolf Fur

Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper bats during the first inning in Game 2 of the National League division baseball series against the St. Louis Cardinals, Monday, Oct. 8, 2012, in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)
Bryce Harper: Photo Credit; AP

1) He knows how to handle his bat

Let’s start out with the obvious – Bryce Harper is a big guy. He stands at 6’2 and is just all muscle. Perhaps this is why he broke a record hitting three home runs in a single game in May of this year against the Marlins. The last person to do this was Joe Lahoud back in 1969! One of his shots went an astounding 442 feet to the second deck!

2) Good buddies with Kris Bryant

Harper is good buddies with MLB hottie, Kris Bryant. They went to school together in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was Bryce who gave his childhood friend the nickname of “Silk” when he was 9 years old.

3) Scruffy Face   

Most of the pictures you see of Kris Bryant show him with facial hair. He keeps it trimmed just above the jawline and lets it grow to medium length. Yeah, we are mentioning it because it is freaking hot! Did we mention he has crystal blue eyes? Yeah – he does and they are dreamy.

bryce harper naked
Bryce Harper ESPN “Body”

4) He plays the guitar

As if Bryce isn’t already the stuff of fantasies, the dude plays the guitar. Yes, that’s right and sings too! And what’s more, he apparently likes to pluck the strings when he’s chilling with his chocolate lab named Swag. Oh Bryce, please play something for us – anything!

bryce harper

5) Dude can wear a pair of briefs

Bryce has done some modeling work for the folks at Under Armour. We’ve looked at the photographs and have to say the guy can fill out a pair of briefs – very nicely – and then some!

6) He’s an ESPN Pinup!

Not only can Bryce wear underwear well, he can also pull off shots where he is all but naked. In July of this year, the Washington National’s outfielder became a “Body” model for ESPN. Some of the photographs rival that of another ESPN Body breakout hunk who happens to be a player in the NFL (think San Francisco).

Bryce Harper Sexy
Bryce Harper Photo Credit AP

7) He’s an All Star Stud

It should be no surprise that Bryce is an All Star player – and has done it more than once! In fact, he did it in 2011 with his appearance at the All Stars Future Game, in 2013 for the MLB All Stars Game and yep – in 2015 he’s doing it again! In our book, that makes Mr. Harper a hands down, All Star stud!

Bryce Harper Bonus Video

Are you ready to watch a steamy video of Bryce all muscled up for this ESPN debut? We’ve got it. Take note of his tattoos on the side of his torso! Just ridiculously handsome and lick-a-licous!   

And yes Mr. Harper we are totally crushing on you and not ashamed to admit it! In fact, you are scoring a 10 on our woof-o-meter! For fun, we’ve included a poll for fans of the player to vote in. Remember, you only get to make one choice so be sure that it counts – big time!