8 Ways I Use Silicone Lube That Might Surprise You!

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Silicone Lube Has More Uses Than You Think!

By: Tim in Florida

If you are like most gay guys, you probably buy a high quality silicone based lube because it enhances the experience. I know that’s true for me because I’ve tried them all!

I mean there’s tons of different products to choose from – from Gun Oil to Swiss Navy to Wet. And while all of these lubes may differ a bit on the margins, they pretty much do the same thing, right?

But what if I told you that you can do A LOT more with that slippery stuff than spank your monkey or jackhammer some stud? Seriously, imagine what it might be like to use your lube for multiple purposes?

Given how expensive some of these brands can be, don’t you want to get the biggest bang for your buck?

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Hey … Some of those bottles can cost upwards of $25.00. I don’t know about you but that’s kind of pricey.

So here are 8 ways that I use silicone lube that might surprise you. Please don’t make fun of me because I’m just a broke college student trying to make my dollars go as far as they can. OK, check this out.

shave pubes
Great for manscaping!

1. Shaving

I usually add a few drops of lube to my shaving cream to help give me a super awesome experience. The silicone makes the cream do more and I like the way my razor glides over my skin. I used to get nicks and cuts before adding the lube but not anymore!

If you are into manscaping, silicone is a great pre-shave lotion to get your hairs nice and moist. And it doesn’t take that much to do it.

I can’t take all of the credit for this one. An older daddy that I hooked up with awhile back gave me this tip! Dude was so hot!

2. Oiling squeaky doors

My college dorm has an old door that squeaks like crazy. I could have gone out and bought a can of oil but there was no need. My small bottle of Gun Oil was all that was required. Well, that and plain old Q-Tip.

All you have to do is dip the Q-Tip in the lube and then wipe it over the door hinge. In a matter of seconds, your squeak will be all but a memory.

3. As a quick finishing Cream

Hair products can be extremely expensive – particularly on a college student’s budget. Because I like to wear my hair with a “wet look” sometimes, I’ve learned to use my silicone lube creatively.

Here’s how I do it. I take a tiny drop and put it on the palm of my hand. I then take my other hand and rub the two together. Pretty simple, huh?

Finally, I take both hands and run them through my hair. The end result is a greasy, wet look that I’m aiming for. Plus, it drives some of the boys I go to school with wild. And if you meet a guy and need some quick lotion for the motion … it’s an easy hair swipe away!

My lube helps me fight wrinkles!

4. With skin lotion

I don’t do this one a lot but when it’s cold outside and I’m feeling dry, I combine a few drops of lube to a cheap bottle of Walgreen’s body lotion. I find that it helps the lotion go a bit farther and provides an excellent barrier to the dry air. It does get cold in Florida sometimes!

You really only need a little with this one. I wouldn’t use the lube all on its own either. I know this because Ive tried it before and it kind of sucked.

5. For tight key locks

Do you have a door lock that doesn’t always get along well with your key? I do and it’s at my parent’s house. So whenever I go back home during the holidays, I make sure I have my lube in my gym bag. You see … the lock we have is very old and my key sometimes jams – well at least it used to. But not anymore!

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Now what I do is dip my key in my Gun Oil before putting it in the lock. It goes in perfect each time and I don’t have to worry about knocking on the door and waking anybody up. Works well when you are sneaking back inside from a late booty call!

male model skin care

6. On my eye brows

Do your eyebrows ever get unruly? You know, where several brows seem to go in their own direction? How about uneven eyebrows? It sucks, right? I’ve learned that if you take a tiny amount of lube and put it on the tip of your pinky and then run it over your brow – it makes them look way better.

This one is great if you don’t have time to trim them – like when you have a hookup coming over.

7. As a cleaner (sorta)

I like to ride on the bottom just to keep it real with you. That means I want to be as clean as I possibly can for the guy I will be bending over for. But who has lots of money lying around for douching products, you know?

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So here is what I do – I clean out a small bottle of Mountain Dew real good and fill it with warm, soapy water. I then put some lube on the tip of the mouth and push it in. Squeeze three times and you’ve got a good clean going.

Helps to keep you from getting bound up too!

This is a great hole opener too and helps me get real fresh. You can call me ghetto or whatever you want but it does the job. Oh, make sure that bottle is plastic. Glass probably isn’t a good idea!

tantric massage
Lube is great to mix into that massage oil!

8. For massage

Most of the time, I use lotion when I give other guys a massage. But when you add a few drops of silicone lube to the lotion, it can make the experience a whole lot hotter. Not only does the lotion last longer, you can also do more with it!

Give that one some thought or try it the next time you are rubbing on someone. You will see exactly what I mean.

What do you use your personal lube for that’s not part of the norm?