Adam Levine

Is Adam Levine Gay or Straight?

Why are so many people interested in this super sexy vocalist, wanting to know who he is dating? Adam Levine looks hot in shirtless pics no doubt and he has lots of fans. He also has had his fair share of gay rumors. Read our Gay-Ta File on him and learn if  Levine is potentially a Gay Celebrity. Gay rumors may about Levine as a potential gay singer and vocalist. Do you think they are true? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts. Do you think Adam Levine is straight or gay?


  • So what do you think – is Adam Levine Straight or Gay?

    • cora bandes

      straight as an arrow””””

    • He is gay ,I don’t care that he is married ,He is so gay

      • We love Adam Levine here for sure! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • Robert Whittington


      • Ha – well, I wish 🙂

        • Robert Whittington

          I am sure adam Levine is gay.