8 Signs He’ll Make A Bad Husband

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Bad husband tips for gay men

One of the saddest realities of relationships – gay or straight – is the fact that the best  boyfriends often turn out to be the crappy husbands. What we find appealing on the first date can be the same thing that kills a relationship over time. 

The problem is we can  get so caught up in the concept of “us” that we become blind to major personality differences.

So how can you tell if your guy will be a bad husband?  Here’s eight warning signs.

eight reasons gay men cheat

1) He Can’t Look After Himself

You’re in for a bumpy ride with a guy who has trouble cooking pasta and washing clothes. If he can’t look after himself, then you’re going to end up looking after him, and that’s a situation you don’t want to be in. You should be his hubby, not his mother.

2) He’s Controlling

It might seem sweet at first, when he gets jealous about your male friends or makes a fuss of you wearing revealing clothes, but that sort of controlling behavior is a red flag for future arguments, heartache, and even abuse. Steer clear of guys who want to own you completely.

3) He Has Bad Habits

He’s allowed to fart and pick his nose, but don’t marry a guy who has habits that you simply can’t stand. If he’s a heavy drinker and you’re tee-total, or he smokes and you’re a health nut, you’re going to end up having the same arguments over and over again.


4) He’s Lazy

Don’t marry the kind of guy who spends every evening playing video games and every weekend lying in bed. This sort of behavior is a warning sign for laziness in other areas of life like work, personal development, and family, so try to find someone with more motivation.

5) He’s Bad With Money

Once you’re married, your finances will start to merge as you consider buying a house, having children, and saving for retirement. If he’s terrible with money and can’t save a penny, you need to consider whether you truly want to tie your finances together for life.

6) He Wants To Change You

If he constantly complains about your bad habits, wants you to dress or act differently, or says “Don’t worry, you’ll change your mind” during important conversations, don’t marry him. If he can’t appreciate you as you are, you’re in for an unhappy marriage.

7) You Can’t Trust Him

Trust is a vital part of marriage, and it’s a big warning sign if he’s often unavailable, acts suspiciously, or has cheated on you. You need to be able to trust and rely on your husband completely. Don’t accept less.

8) He Doesn’t Support You

You want a husband who will love and support you as you move forward in life. Don’t settle for a guy who doesn’t value your dreams and aspirations. Look for someone who wants the best for you and is supportive of your journey.

Final Thoughts

Figuring out that your guy isn’t husband material can hurt, but it’s much better than making the realization after the wedding! Keep an eye out for these warning signs and you’ll find your Prince Charming in due time.

Remember, marriage is for the long term baby.

By: Conrad Braxton