Brandon Myers (MTV) Offers a Gigantic Lollipop To Get Your Lick On!

brandon myers

Brandon Myers delicious lollipop

If you’ve ever watched MTV’s, Ex on the Beach, you’ve no doubt seem Mr. Brandon Myers. He’s a 20-year old muscle guy that’s tatted up and stunningly hot. What’s more, he’s got a pair of crystal blue eyes that will pierce right through you.

But you know what else? Brandon has a HUGE anaconda lurking that lurks around his privates. Seriously, from what we saw, it could very well be the elusive Loch Ness Monster!

Before we get to the goodies, don’t you want to know a little bit about him? Come on, sure you do! And if you don’t we’re going to dish about him right here and right now.

GAY POP FILE: Brandon Myers

Birthday: August 11, 1996

Eyes: Stunningly hot blue

Zodiac Sign: Leo Male Hunk

Shoe Size: 11 (Rumor)

He’s talked in a very open way about his largeness in the past. In fact, in an interview appearing in The Sun, he said the following:

“Everyone was talking about it on Ex on the Beach. It’s nine and a half inches, and it’s a bit like having a tripod, or a third leg.”

It’s not like he hasn’t done the muscle show off before. The man has taken it all off for places like Fit Young Men and that doesn’t include some of the other yummed out photos you’ll see on his Instagram account.

And in case you don’t know, he’s VERY active on Twitter. In fact, some of the photographs you’ll see on his feed are nothing more than visual Viagra! You can check his feed out here.

Apparently, he really doesn’t have a problem showing off his assets to the world. In this way, he seems to be similar to other former reality television contestants who have let it all hang out after their 15 minutes of fame.

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If you get a chance, make some time to read our interview with an industry insider who talks about why so many guys from various shows experience “photo leaks”. Warning, you’ll find several NSFW links to deliciousness!

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FYI: Brandon appears to be represented by two firms. MINT Management in New York City. The other is Flirt Essex in the UK. And we thought Ryan Kelley (Teen Wolf) had a massive candy bar – OMG!

OK, if you want to see more of this handsome lad, we’ll provide you the link below. Make sure you click on “Proceed to this Site” after making the jump!

NSFW Link to Brandon

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