7 Yummy Facts About MLB Player Brett Lawrie!

Brett Lawrie Sexy

Brett Lawrie Facts, Shirtless Pics and More!

Brett Lawrie is one of those wickedly hot baseball players you just want to lick. Sure he’s known for being an awesome second and third baseman for the Chicago White Sox but there’s so much more to him!

Because we are huge baseball fans here at Gay Pop Buzz, we thought it might be kind of fun to post 7 facts about Mr. Lawrie.

Just look at this dude – he’s kind of hard to miss. The guy is the ultimate jock! With baby blue eyes and hot tats too boot, we were bound to write something about him eventually.

What follows are seven hot facts about Brett Lawrie that might surprise you. We’ve included several photographs of Lawrie that highlight his more … yummy parts. Be sure to vote in our Brett Lawrie fantasy poll at the end.

Better open a window – it’s getting hot in here!

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Gay Pop File: Brett Russell Lawrie

Birthday: January 18, 1990, Toronto, Canada

Height: 6:0

Shoe Size: Rumored 12.5 Wide

Eye Color: Dreamy Crystal Blue

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Male

Body Type: Sexy Muscle Jock

brett lawrie shirtless tattoos
Early shirtless pic of bad boy Brett Lawrie
brett lawrie abs shirtless
Brett Lawrie abs – woof!

1. He’s got a large gay following

Long before he ever became a player with the Chicago White Sox, Lawrie was with the Toronto Blue Jays (BJs).

In fact, had so much of a gay following that the Toronto Standard dubbed him an “Inadvertent Gay Icon”. Maybe it’s because Lawrie channels a bad-boy status.

Or it could be because he once Tweeted “Dorothy said it best – There’s no place like home.”

2. Got his first tattoo when he was 18

In a video interview, Lawrie shared that he got his first tattoo when he was 18 years old.

He’s shared that his tattoos represent who he is. The sleeve on his left arm is dedicated to his sister Nicole; someone he says he’s very close to.

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3. He’s been accused of dirty antics

For a short period of time, Brett Lawrie played for the Oakland Athletics.

During a game against the Kansas City Royals, Lawrie was accused of purposely doing “hard slide” into Alcides Escobar. The slide was so intense that Escobar needed to be carried off the field.

On the incident, Lawrie said the following:

“I would never try to cleat anybody,” Lawrie says. “That’s totally not it. I wish him all the best and there was zero intention of ever wanting to hurt him. Even the thought of that would never even cross my mind. I’m sure I’ll reach out to him.”

Brett Lawrie butt
Brett Lawrie’s yummy bum

4. He’s sometimes prone to tantrums

Brett Lawrie can sometimes get upset while playing the game and throw tantrums. He recognizes that his outburst sometimes doesn’t go over well with fans.

Here’s a quote about the topic from the website Sportsnet.

“People perceive people how they want to perceive people. I don’t necessarily think that everyone in the world has to like me, because that’s not how the world goes. So, if you like me then you do, and if you don’t you don’t.

5. He’s likes being flexible

Not only does Brett Lawrie spend a lot of time at the gym, he also dedicates some of his workouts to increasing his flexibility.

Check out this video from his Instagram account working out his hips!

A video posted by brett lawrie (@blawrie1515) on

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, he talked about how he studies martial arts as a pathway to becoming more limber.

“It’s not the fighting. … It’s body movement, being able to control your body, being able to put it in positions that are uncomfortable, sustain those positions, be comfortable and get out of those.”

6. He’s had some injuries

Brett has experienced a number of injuries over the years as a baseball player.

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When he was with the Blue Jays, his hand became fractured during a pitch. Most recently, his hamstring because the source of problems after experiencing tightness.

7. He’s rumored to carry a huge baseball bat

Sure, the baseball metaphor is a little trashy. But word is from a number of rock solid sources that Brett Lawrie carries an enormous baseball bat!

And sorry guys – Brett is taken. He married Dana Long in 2016. That’s OK – we can still have our fantasies.

brett lawrie bulge
Brett Lawrie swings his bat
Brett Lawrie bulge
Brett Lawrie just bulges with talent!

Brett Lawrie Fantasy Poll

Now that you have your 7 facts about Brett Lawrie and a little of his bio, it’s time to vote in our fantasy poll. Remember, you only get to choose once so make it count!

By: John Hollywood