Cameron Diggs Confesses to Trafficking 1,600 Grams of Crystal Meth (Report)


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If convicted, he could face a very long prison sentence

This is a follow up to our previous reporting on Cameron Diggs (Timothy Harmer) who was arrested by Dallas Swat for manufacturing a controlled substance. According to updated reporting that appears in the Dallas Morning News, has had his bail set at 100,000 dollars.

“According to an arrest warrant affidavit, SWAT officers had been serving a warrant Thursday afternoon at an apartment in the 4300 block of Dickason Avenue. Upon entering, SWAT members saw a large plastic bag with a crystal substance believed to be methamphetamine, which led to a search and the discovery of more than 1,600 grams of suspected meth, scales and packaging “consistent with narcotics trafficking.”

After being read his rights, Harper admitted ordering and receiving the drugs, the affidavit says.”

Folks, 1,600 grams comes out to something like 3.5 pounds of “Tina”.

As we shared in a post with readers yesterday, Mr. Diggs has a long history with the law and has previously spent time in jail.

A former Ducati Model and original NakedSword, the 30 year old adult film star is considered to be a white supremacist for remarks he made in July of 2014 regarding the tattoos that appear on his body.

“I believe people should want to be proud of who they are and where they come from. its like they say… your a product of your environment. I feel like we are suppose to continue our race and our culture. thats why our parents teach us their values and principals, its a part of your heritage. when it comes to having kids i prefer to stay inside my race. Its nothing hateful towards any race its just what i believe. Why is that so wrong? Does that make me a racist?”

Diggs, once popular among gay men because of his large size anatomy (see NSFW link) and body tattoos quickly fell out of favor after the remarks were made. Below is a video of Mr. Diggs from his Twitter account in July of last year. He has not been very active on social media in recent months due to a reported leg related accident.

The photos of his leg – which look like it is being eaten away – are too graphic for us to show but we will provide the link here to his Twitter account. He started a “Go Fund Me Page” with the hopes of gathering money to pay for medical costs.

According the attorney Brett A. Podolsky, an attorney in Texas who defends people charged with crystal meth related crimes, the following information on his website:

“In the state of Texas, the possession of any amount of methamphetamine can result in a felony charge. The possession of the equipment necessary to produce or transport meth can lead to an intent to distribute charge.

The production or possession of drugs is subject to severe penalties. As such, any drug charges should be taken very seriously. Crystal meth and other highly addictive controlled substances belong to Penalty Group I, the group with the harshest penalties. The range of penalties for meth include:

  • State jail felony: Six months to two years in jail and a fine of no more than $10,000 for the possession of less than one gram
  • Enhanced first-degree felony: 10 to 99 years in a state prison and a fine of no more than $100,000 for possession of 400 grams or more”

If the information on the attorney’s website is correct, this could mean Mr. Diggs may be spending a very long time in jail. That’s because according to his signed affidavit, as reported by Dallas Morning News, he was in possession of a whopping 1,600 grams.

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