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Dating an Aquarius Man

January 20, 2017 Gay Pop Buzz

Aquarius Man So here we are in the Age of Aquarius. But doesn’t it seem like you’ve been hearing that all your life? Well, that’s because you have (because of that stupid song?). An Astrological […]

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10 Signs of a Good Psychic

August 2, 2016 Gay Pop Buzz

Psychic Reading Tips Looking for a psychic reading? Do you believe that some people have psychic abilities with the power to read your mind? Have you been hoping to find a fortune teller to help […]

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How To Date a Leo Man Ultimate Guide

July 22, 2016 Gay Pop Buzz

Leo: July 22 – August 22 Element: Fire Planetary Ruler: Sun Most Compatible: Sagittarius, Aries Long Term Compatibility: Aquarius Sign Type: Fixed Are you crushing on a Leo man? Well, you have good taste. Leo people […]