Darren Criss Talks Wanting to Make Out with Straight Guys

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Darren Criss opens up

Actor Darren Criss is known for his willingness to play loud and proud LGBT roles. He got his big break as gay character Blaine in the musical tv series Glee.

Recently, Criss is getting more attention for the daring acts he’s been doing in the Broadway musical Hedwig and the Angry Itch as the transgender rocker Hedwig, whose outfit is decked out in heels, wigs, makeup, glitter, and shiny trunks (and sometimes not much else).

One of the best parts of his job? He has to pick out men in each show’s audience to have random and sloppy make out session.

Appearing on Conan this week, Darren opened up about taking on the role of Hedwig after famous names like Neil Patrick Harris and Taye Diggs before sharing some stories from the show.


One specific story revolves around the kiss in each show when he picks a random partner from the audience.

“Kiss is a very polite term…” He stated, “I’d put my head inside their mouth, basically… I’d molest ticket-paying audience members.”

“For the most part, people familiar with the show, it’s a very rambunctious sort of crew, it’s got a large following and people know what they’re getting into for the most part when they come see the show.”

“I would try and target the most conservative-looking straight boys, because that’s just more fun.”

“One night,” He added, “I remember going for this one dude… I basically roughed him up quite a bit, he had make-up on him all up in everywhere.”

Criss remembers messing this guy ‘all up and everywhere that I could possible reach in the time that I had. The guy just had lipstick and glitter all over him.’

“Afterwards he came backstage and was a good sport about it. On the way out, me being pleased with myself for giving a rollicking good time to a conservative young man, a couple goes to me, ‘do you know who that was? That’s our favorite gay porn star!’.

“So this guy was putting on airs. He’s clearly seen much more than I ever have. Shout out to that young man. Apparently he’s very well-liked and if I was going to do that, I only went for the best”

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We only wish Criss could have mentioned, or at least hinted, towards the identity of the porn star (for research).

As for Hedwig and the Angry Itch, this is just another day at work.

The musical opened off Broadway on 1998 and starred the writer John Cameron Mitchell.

With musical inspirations like glam rock king David Bowie, punk rock legend (and rumored creator of the crowd surf) Iggy Pop, and masterful musician John Lennon, this musical was created to be a messy sensation.

Composer Stephen Trask said: “The whole point of many of the songs and much of the subject matter of the show was to break down the walls between different categories that we perceive as being opposites, like male and female or straight and gay.”

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