7 Reasons You Need To Date a Guy with a Hairy Chest!

guy with a hairy chest

Guy with a Hairy Chest

By: Clayton Braxton

Have you ever dated a guy with a hairy chest? If the answer is no, maybe you should give it a try. In the world of Gaydom, men who shave their chests (and other body parts) seem to get lots of attention. In fact, there are entire “how to” guides on the web that tell otherwise furry men how to shave off the hair.

But when you think about it, is that really such a good idea?

Over the course of my gay development, I have discovered that I’m a total sucker for men with hairy chests. And if the man is furry with tats to boot, even better!

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For a lot of gay men, an obsession with chest hair is nothing new. I think part of the attraction relates to something primal inside; like dating back to prehistoric times when lots of body hair was a sign of masculinity.

hairy chest and tats
Don’t you want to lick that?

Maybe that’s why I naturally seem to pop major wood anytime I’m around a dude who trims his chest and shapes his treasure trail? I mean there’s just something about that look that gets my testosterone flowing, you know?

I’m not knocking guys who are smooth so please don’t get me wrong. That look can be sexy too. But a dude who has a really nice hairy chest that is complimented by tats and some facial scruff just makes me want to burst!

Part of the sexiness of a guy with a hairy chest is the ability to run your fingers through his man fur. Personally, I like to start with my three middle fingers and begin at the start of the treasure trail and slowly fan my way upwards towards his nipples.

And the best part is when you are doing the gay spoon thing, resting your head on his hairy chest while he cradles you in his arms. Woof!

Hooking up with a man that has a hairy chest changes your outlook. No, it’s not the magical elixir to cure depression or anything like that. But the experience does allow you to reconnect with your more reptilian parts and somehow channels your inner animal.

And if you have yet to lick on a dude with a hairy chest, you really haven’t lived. The combination texture of body hair and skin are probably one of the most erotic experiences you can ever have.

If you still aren’t convinced that dating a man with a hairy chest is the way to go, I’m going to give you 7 solid reasons to reconsider now:

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1. A furry guy will keep you warm

One of the reasons men have body hair is because it’s nature’s way of regulating their internal temperature. When you curl up with a hairy chested man to sleep, he’s got a natural man blanket to keep you warm.

2. He’ll have a manscent

I’ve learned that hooking up with or dating a guy with a hairy chest carries the additional benefit of taking in his manscent. Part of this has to do with the science of pheromones.

The more he releases his manscent onto his skin and chest hair, the more it will activate your brain’s amygdala, which is connected to your popsicle down below (if you get my drift).

3. He’s a bear in bed

One of the best things about guys with chest hair is how animalistic they can be in bed. If you are into otters and bears, you already know how intuitive they can be when it comes to drilling for white oil that fountains from your love stick.

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4. He’s not afraid to keep things raw

A lot of the hairy chested men I have dated are into natural, uninhibited things. In other words, they like to keep things raw. That’s not true for all furry guys but going by experience, a lot of them like it natural baby.

5. You can grab onto the fur

When you are doing some rough riding of the serious “bouncy bouncy” type, having a guy with a hairy chest gives you something to gently latch onto!

6. He’s usually well groomed

One of the things that makes a guy with body hair so sexy is that he knows how to keep himself well groomed. Trust me, that well-manicured chest and scruffy face that you are worshiping on a hot dad didn’t just happen! It took time for him to sculpt and shape what you see.

7. When he’s behind you – wow!

OK my last reason – and perhaps best – for dating a man with a hairy chest is the feeling you get when he’s behind you. There’s just something about feeling his fur pressing up against your back and behind when he’s deep inside. If you haven’t tried it, you need to!

If you dig hairy chested men who like to show it all, be sure to visit this NSFW link for Tumblr! 

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