5 Benefits of Dating a Man with a Small Penis That Might Surprise You!

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Small penis benefits!

Have you ever dated someone with a small penis? I have and let me tell you, there’s several advantages. You may be giggling right now but seriously, being with a man that has less than large assets holds certain benefits.

I know in gaydom, most guys prefer getting it on with someone who is sizable. But the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Don’t believe me? Check out this post.

With that in mind, I’d like to give you my list of 5 benefits for dating a man with a small peen. Some of what you’ll read may seem obvious. Other points may cause you to pause and think.

Check it out:


Check it out:

1. Makes oral easier

One of the things that can be difficult when dealing with a large man is oral. Here, I am talking about draining a guy that’s so big he makes your jaw hurt.

With smaller sized guys, it’s never an issue. You can work on him all day long and not experience facial cramps once!

2. Bottoming is easier

That old saying, bigger is better really isn’t true when it comes to bottoming. Sure, size queens might be all about girth but for a lot of us, it doesn’t really matter.

When the dude is fairly small, you can actually fit his entire manhood deep inside. And that just makes things a lot easier when you’re bouncing around – if you know what I mean.

Attention total tops – now is your opportunity to try something new!

3. Great at technique

One of the main reasons I like being with smaller peen guys is technique. You may be wondering what I mean? Well, simply put, guys with less than average goods are amazing at what they do.

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They’ve learned to use their assets in ways that are powerful and meaningful. Just because someone is massive doesn’t mean he knows how to use it!

4. Makes you feel bigger

If you hold average sized goods, being with someone smaller can offer a major boost to your self-esteem. I’m not saying that you should purposely go out and find some 3 incher. I’m just suggesting there’s a benefit here.

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If you have happen to be one of those gays with penis envy, I encourage you to think of this one as a possible plus.

5. More than just sex

The final benefit of dating a man with a small peen is the quality of the relationship itself. That may sound silly but hear me out.

When you’re with a “smallish” guy, you have an opportunity to focus on all aspects of the relationship and not just the bedroom stuff. Intimacy operates on multiple levels and not just physical.

Final Thoughts

Now-a-days, it seems we live in a world where the expectation is supersized everything. What we once considered “average” is now considered “small” by many.

But here’s the thing – big things do come in small packages. Size is subjective and beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

Can you dig it?

By: Rico Woods


  1. I mean I’ve always been the all clean penis sizes matter, so small, medium, or big (not too be won’t have moi in the ER) this verse is here for it. Lmao

  2. Some guys that have small penises can work it but not all. Same with guys with big ones. But if I am going to spend time cleaning and douching I want and need an anaconda in me other wise it’s a waste of time if I see someone that has a smaller member than I do.

  3. Agreed! Its gotta be “BIG” or “WIDE” enough to HIT THE SPOT! I DEF prefer girth to lenth, but nothing wrong with having both!

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