Update: Internet’s Dom_and_Nick Got Married!

Nick (left) and Dominic. / Credit: Dana Lynn Photography


Back in June, we first introduced you to Nick and Dominic.

Nick and Dominic are a couple from Brooklyn. They were connected through friends back in high school but didn’t realize that the other was gay. They then moved on in life but later crossed paths and decided to give dating a try. Since then, they’ve stuck together like glue.

Dana Lynn Photography

The couple’s love story (which you can read in its entirety in the earlier post) was so wonderful that the Instagram account @TheWayWeMet decided to share it and the two quickly went viral.

The two have said that they are proud to work in the public eye as they can be representation for gay people and black people and fight racism and prejudice by just simply being themselves.

“Dominic and I feel lucky to have found love at such a young age,” said Nick on the original Instagram post, “However, falling in love with another black man was scary in ways neither of us could have ever imagined.”

“It forced us to face the very real resistance from society for being not only homosexuals but black men as well. We had to confront the stereotypes of being largely defined as uneducated, disloyal, untrustworthy, and unreliable individuals.”

But the two have fought against all of that push back and are now back with an exciting update to share with us, their wedding.

Dana Lynn Photography

The couple got married back on July 7th but are now sharing pictures from the happy event which happened at the Bath Club in Miami Beach, Florida.

At the event, Dominic was escorted down the aisle by his mother and Nick was escorted down the aisle by both of his brothers. This was only one of the ways that the two got creative with the programming of the event as neither had ever gone to a gay wedding before.

Dominic told GayStarNews, ‘The day went perfectly. It was the most amazing experience of my life – celebrating our marriage with almost 200 people that unconditionally love and support our union was nothing short of magical.”

Dana Lynn Photography

You can check out more photos from the event here.

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