Gay Man Arrested For Giving Drunk Man In Park A BJ

Dine and Dash?

A gay man in China was arrested for giving fallacio to a man who was passed out drunk and then robbing the man of his phone and wallet. And, of course, it was all caught on tape.

The victim of the case, who’s being referred to as A’Jun, woke up in the middle of a park on a bench. He quickly realized that not only was his phone and wallet stolen, but his zipper was open too.

A’Jun quickly went to the police who checked security cameras and found out what happened.

The video, which has been leaked and can be watched here if you like (keep in mind it is a censored video of a man being sexually abused), shows A’Jun already passed out on the bench.

Two women and a man are hanging out new A’Jun and when the women get up to go, the man gets up to walk towards A’Jun.

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The man then immeditaly starts fondling A’Jun before opening his pants and giving the passed out man a handjob and then a blowjob. During the “festivities,” A’Jun’s phone falls out. The man then decides to take it and digs around for A’Jun’s wallet for good measure before getting up and walking away.

It only took until noon the next day for police to find the man as we was staying a hotel just a 5 minute walk from the park.

The man was arrested and is now in custody. He has admitted that he is gay and found A’Jun attractive and only thought to rob the man halfway through sexually assaulting him. He stole 600 yuan ($89) and A’Jun’s ID “to remember him by.”

It’s currently unknown what will happen to the man, but male rape is a crime that can be punishable up to 5 years.


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