My First Gay Experience Happened on a Surfboard

gay surfer

It was my first time on a surfboard … and with another man.

By: Christopher S 

When I was 21-years old, I had my first gay experience on a surfboard. That may sound silly, if not impossible, but I assure that it’s true. Moreover, the memory has stayed with me in a powerful way ever since.

Before we continue, you may be wondering if this story is going to be another tale about hooking up with a straight man or getting it on with someone curious.

Let me assure you, it’s not.

Instead, it’s about two guys that decided to go surfing together on a Sunday afternoon and experiment in the water. Perhaps not the hottest read on the planet but I’m going to tell it all the same.

Back in the 1980’s, I was stationed on a large military base on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. At the time, I knew that I was gay. The truth is, I’d always known I liked guys ever since the time I was five years old.

Not to hit the rewind tape too far back but let’s just say the first time I saw Lee Majors from the Six Million Dollar Man, it had an effect on me.

In any event, while I was on the base, I was extremely closeted. This was before the institution of “Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell” and eons before anyone was talking about civil unions or marriage for same sex couples.

But here’s the thing. When you are gay, you have this inner voice that lets you know who else might be part of the family. Some people call it gaydar. Others call it a sixth sense.

The name really doesn’t matter I suppose. What was important is that I could detect others who were on the same team.

Like Scott.

The guy was beautiful. A little older than me, maybe 30? He had blue eyes, blond hair, a square jaw and a hairy chest attached to an athletic body.

He was from California – a state that might as well have been another country considering I was from Indiana.

So, here’s how this all happened.

During my time on base, Scott and I got to know one another. While we never directly said it, we basically “came out” to each other.

If you’ve ever served pre-DADT, you know that speaking in code and innuendo is how it had to be.

My sense is Scott also knew I was deeply attracted to him. While I could never be sure (until later) I could tell he liked me, too.


The invite

On a Saturday night, he asked me if I wanted to go hang out the next day and maybe do some surfing. The idea was both exciting and scary at the same time.

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You see, going into the ocean and swimming wasn’t a problem. I’d done it many times before and loved the water. My fear was the surfing part. The fact is, I’d never touched a board in my entire lift.

“Come on – I’ll teach you. It’ll be lots of fun,” I remember him saying.

It didn’t take much coaxing. Honestly, if Scott would have asked me to go skydiving, I probably would have done it.

Now before getting into specifics, I just want to interject here that at this point in my life, I’d never once been with another guy. Not that I hadn’t thought of it a million times. But at 21, I was still a pup.

Anyway, early the next morning, after attending to our required duties, we signed off base and hopped on a bus that took us to Waikiki.

There, we hiked to a short distance to an area near Diamond Head. At the time, you could rent surfboards along the wayside from different vendors. And if you were in the military, you even got a discount.

So, that’s what we did. After checked in our rucksacks at the rental stand, we were off into the deep blue.

And let me tell you, the ocean in Oahu is almost translucent.

Scott was true to his word about teaching me how to get up on the board. No, I wasn’t very good at it. In fact, I sucked and probably looked like a fool.

I remember him laughing like crazy each time I fell down. Later, he explained to me that when he was younger, back home in California, his brother had taught him how to surf.

“It’s all part of the learning experience. You have to fall to get up, right?” he chuckled. I didn’t realize it then but looking back, he was a charmer.

“Come on – I’ll teach you. It’ll be lots of fun”

During all of this back and forth, there was sexual energy in the air. I mean, there had always been but because of our location and it just being us, you could just feel it more.

I remember laying back on my surfboard, exhausted. Believe it or not, trying to get up on one of those things takes a lot out of you.

That’s when Scott swam up next to me, his board roped to his hand. Out of nowhere, he asked me if I’d ever kissed another guy.

My heart raced.

The truth is, the only kissing I had ever done was with a girl and that was done as a front in high school. Pretty sad, huh?

My first gay kiss

When I told him this, Scott didn’t miss a beat. He whispered in my ear, “Let me show you like I did with the surfboard.”

He looked around, made sure it was safe and then gently began to pressing his lips on mine. The crazy thing is, he didn’t have to “teach” me how to kiss. I don’t know how to explain it but intuitively, I knew how to do it.

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Maybe it was just Scott – who knows? I just remember us making out as I laid back on that surfboard while the water lapped against my face.

And guys – there was more.

gay first time

I don’t want to dirty the experience by going into specifics. I’ll just say that I also had my “first time” time with another man in the Pacific Ocean.

It didn’t all happen on the surfboard. Some of it occurred in and under the water. Use your imagination here.

Once we were done, we slowly made our way back to shore. And I could tell that after the experience, we had bonded, powerfully.


Wouldn’t it be great if I could say we became secret lovers? Great hallmark movie, huh? But that’s not what happened.

Instead, we would spend just few more intimate times together. That’s because three months after our “first time” he was transferred to another base on the mainland as of his MOS.

All of this was over three decades ago. Oddly enough, it seems just like yesterday.

I never stayed in touch with Scott after he was transferred. Not that I didn’t want to. It’s just we weren’t boyfriends and really, back then, if you were seen as being too close to another guy, it was risky.

Fast forward to now.

Today I am married to a wonderful man. Like me, he too was in the service. Lord knows he’s heard the story I just told you a hundred times.

In fact, he’s the one who suggested that I share with you here.

Wondering if Ive ever tried to look Scott up on social media? I haven’t. Oh, I could. But honestly, why would I?

He was my first-time experience – on a surfboard no less. What could possibly top that?

Scott, if you somehow found your way to this story, I just want to say thanks. I’ll never forget that magical day in Oahu. 🙂

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