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Meet the Writers of Gay Pop Buzz!

Gay Pop Buzz (GPB) is designed to deliver news stories, information on current events, relationship insight and wellness material to the LGBTQ community with a focus on gay men.

We provide global news, entertainment, business and first hand stories from people in the LGBTQ community. With a professional team of writers, our staff is located around the globe including New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Europe and our main office in Chicago.

If you notice, we are different than many of the gay focused websites on the Internet. Our stories generally are in depth and provide fact based information on news and celebrities that you may not be aware of. We try to avoid reporting too much on mindless junk and instead focus on substance.

Below you will find a brief bio for each of us:


John “Hollywood” Lannoye – Editor

John is a small business owner who operates a consulting firm in the behavioral sciences. He also teaches college courses in psychology and business at the graduate and undergraduate level.

His work has appeared in magazines and newspapers, including The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Out Magazine, Wikipedia, Hubpages and The Wall Street Journal. Most of his articles contain a psychological twist, offering readers unique insight into a given person or topic. He holds advanced degrees in psychology and a MBA. Look for a mixture of humor and facts in many of his posts. Email: [email protected]

Brian “Hollywood” Lannoye – Associate Editor/Writer

Brian is a movie buff and pop culture enthusiast. Many of Brian Hollywoodhis articles are connected to what’s trending in the entertainment industry and who the newest, up and coming celebs are.

He loves watching reality TV shows and listening to the latest in music. He is a supporter of LGBT-Q rights and will sometimes write blog posts and articles connected to dating, relationships and human rights. Brian holds an undergraduate from the University of Wisconsin in Journalism and is a former member of the U.S. Army. Email: [email protected]

Angel M. Rodriguez – Contributor

Angel M. Rodriguez is a writer based in Los Angeles. He writes horror, comedy & online articles. He’s a horror movie fanatic and loves everything 80’s. Wes Craven and Stephen King are his inspiration.

Angel has written for Curve Magazine, Elite Daily, The Bold Italic, Thought Catalog, iHorror and other web-blogs. Email: [email protected]

Jean Bakula – Contributor

jean bakulaJean Bakula became interested in Astrology when she was about 10 yrs. old, and finally took formal classes with a group of like minded people when she was in her 20’s. Then she learned how to read The Tarot, and basically fell in love with any metaphysical subject. She is currently studying healing qualities in crystals and essential oils.

Jean has published a book entitled Pathways through Spirituality, a tool to teach people how to read Tarot Cards using poetry to make it easier. She reads Astrology charts and gives Tarot readings out of a local business called The Healing Center, filled with psychics, clairvoyants and shamans. Email: [email protected]

Conrad Braxton – Contributor

conradConrad Braxton is a freelance journalist and writer who lives in Metro DC. He has contributed to several nationally syndicated magazines, including Men’s Fitness and Entertainment Weekly. In addition to Gay Pop Buzz, he writes for various independent blogs.

He graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Journalism. He and his husband, Michael, are the proud fathers of two lab mixes named Sady and Triton. Conrad enjoys fashion, travel and discussing current events. Email: [email protected]

Zachary Zane – Contributor

zach zaneZachary Zane is a modern day Carrie Bradshaw from Los Angeles. His writing focuses on sexuality, gender, gay culture, identity politics, dating, and relationships. 

He’s currently a contributor at CosmopolitanBustlePRIDE, and Huffington Post Queer Voices. He’s working on a novel, which explores the modern relationship between masculinity, vulnerability, and sexuality. See his other work or contact him at 

Rico Woods – Contributor

rico woodsRico is a freelance writer who lives in Washington, D.C. He writes as a hobby, but is fully employed and works in the Government sector. He has collaborated in many occasions as an international correspondent for The Examiner.

In his free time, Rico enjoys traveling around the world, Karaoke, politics, the Arts, Broadway, reading a good book, entertaining friends, doing volunteer work, the outdoors, good bourbon, reality television, and fine dining.  He has a son who is currently attending college. Rico was born in Puerto Rico. Email: [email protected]

Aris Apostolopoulos – Contributor


Aris is a full-time freelance writer and journalist located in Greece. He has written (and still writes) profiles, stories about science, world news, and he works with magazines and websites all around the globe.

You will see a variety of topics from him on GPB, touching on relationships, romance, movies, pop culture and more.  .

Plus, he never sleeps. His work can be found at

Devin Jackson Randall – Contributor

devinDevin is a freelance writer and playwright living in Philadelphia, PA. His childhood obsession with gay media has transitioned into a career of sharing/reviewing them as well as making some of his own. Outside of his freelance work, Devin’s writing often focuses on identity, the roles placed upon us by society, and how both affect the relationships around us.

You can read more of his work and contact him at his blog, titled Queer Fudanshi, in which he shares LGBTQ and BL media through news, reviews, and good conversation.

About the Blog Posts

All of the blog posts you see on GPB have been written by one of us. We are an independent blog that is not part of “Gay, Inc”. What you see is what you get on this site. We offer original writing about stories and news items that are of interest to LGBTQ readers.  We do what we do because we enjoy writing and sharing insight with visitors. Please see our official comment policy here.


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