I Dreamed Three Gay Leprechauns Forcefully Seeded Me!

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I had this bizarre dream where three leprechauns suddenly appeared in my living room. They just beamed in like it was a Star Trek movie.  

But the weird thing is they didn’t look like typical leprechauns!  

Instead, they were hideously hot! All of them were muscled up, hairy and had massive shamrocks. And they used their shamrocks to aggressively seed me.

No, they weren’t mean or anything. In fact, they were super friendly. But at certain moments, they could be forceful.  

The weird thing is I’m a total top. Bottoming has never been my thing. Isn’t that wild?

The only other thing I can remember is the leprechauns kissed me like crazy while passing me around. Then, when they were done depositing their pots of gold, they disappeared!

I’m curious what this dream means and why did it turn me on?

Bruce in Canton

PS: I’m not even Irish!

Dr. John responds

Hi, Bruce,

You certainly had an interesting dream. There’s a lot of material to work with here so I’ll try to interpret as best I can.

Right off the bat, you should know that leprechaun dreams are considered a sign of good luck. Well, at least in the psycho-spiritual sense.

That’s because these mythical creatures have historically symbolized a chance at wealth. As the legend goes – if you follow the leprechaun’s lead – you get his pot of gold.

The symbolism in your dream could be a subconscious nudge to engage in risk taking. Are you considering a new job? Is there something you want to invest in? If so, maybe you should give it more thought.

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Let’s move on to what the leprechauns looked like.

You mentioned they were attractive with “massive shamrocks”. The subconscious mind often presents imagery as a way of expressing wish fulfillment. It’s very normal.

Do you secretly crave large?

“The leprechauns kissed me like crazy”

In my experience, sexual dreams that involve more than one person are almost always about merging. Simply put, it could be that each leprechaun represents a different part of you that feels disconnected.

If that’s the case, you need to find out what those parts are. The best way to do this is to recreate each one’s image in your mind’s eye and write down specific traits.

For example, was one more aggressive than another? Did one come off more passionate? Did one seem more funny?

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You mentioned that the leprechauns kissed you. Additionally, you shared they “aggressively seeded” you. Let’s unpack that a bit, OK?


In dream-speak, this type of imagery represents communication with a specific emphasis on receiving. Here, 3 leprechauns used two of your orifices (your mouth and anus) to literally deposit information.

Going by your description, the trio was assertive and didn’t leave until they were done.

That could be significant here’s why.

In dreams, semen often represents financial growth. I’m wondering if there is a part of you who is worried about your retirement or other investments? Are you concerned there won’t be enough in your “pot of gold” for retirement?

If so, your dream could be trying to tell you to move boldly and get out of your comfort zone.

That brings us to the final question – why did it turn you on.

To get to that answer, it may be helpful to connect the dots. You indicated you are a total top. Again, using symbolism, I’m curious if there isn’t a part of you who wants to try something different?

If the answer is yes, consider your reaction to the dream another subconscious push towards a new direction. The reward could very well be the discovery of something new about yourself.

In the end, you can’t put a price on that  🙂

Dr. John is a licensed psychotherapist and contributor to GPB. He specializes in men’s issues. Visit his profile to learn more.

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