Gay Man and Dog Brutally Attacked by Trump Supporters in DC (Report)

gay man attacked

“This is what a Trump America looks like, fa**ot!”

A disturbing news report comes to us out of the District of Columbia from local station, WJLA ABC 7.

According to the official police report, Robert Richard Brice Kohler shared with authorities that he was repeatedly hit in the head by a gang of Trump supporters while he was out taking his dog Pepper for a walk near Logan Circle.

According to the victim, the attackers threw objects at his face his face. One of the individuals who was part of the group is reported to have yelled: “This is what a Trump America looks like, f**got!”

Following the vicious beating, Kohler was treated at a nearby hospital for a severe concussion. He would later need to return for back pains, which caused him to be readmitted,

Sharing his story on Facebook, Kohler stated the attack was entirely unprovoked, and that two of the four suspects were wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ hats.

This is what a Trump America looks like, f**got!”

“I share this with you because I have grown so tired of hearing just how perfect and great Trump supporters are and have been,” he wrote.

“That they are above anything like what happened to us. They aren’t.”

Commenting on the attack with news reporters afterwards, Mr. Kohler said that he was “not okay” and did not feel safe in his own neighborhood.

He also added that it felt as if his life had been taken from him.

In a cruel, disgusting act, the four men also allegedly punched his dog as well.

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D.C Police officials have confirmed Kohler’s attack as hate crime. An investigation is now underway.

After the election of Donald Trump, the FBI recorded a spike in hate crimes against various populations, including LGBTQ individuals, Muslims and persons of color. If the four men are captured and then convicted of the crime, they could face a maximum penalty of up to 10 years in prison.

Logan Circle is just blocks from the White House.