Gay Man Thrown Off Bridge After Rejecting Straight Guy (Report)

gay couple attack

He may never walk again

According to a report in Yahoo News, a New Zealand gay man was brutally thrown off a bridge on New Year’s Eve after he rejected the advances of a straight man., according to his partner.

Mr. Maioha Tokotaua, 33, found his 25-year old husband Joth Wilson’s “mangled body lying unconscious” under a train bridge in Gladstone, near Queensland in Australia in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

Wilson is currently on life support. He was found with burns, broken bones and a brain hemorrage. His spinal cord is also severed.

If he’s able to survive, it is very likely he will never walk again.

Since the incident, Tokotaua has been by his husband’s bedside for days. He believes the attacker is a married man with children who kept harassing the couple on New Year’s Eve.

Apparently, this individual made an advance at his husband and was rejected.

Wilson was found ‘mangled’ beneath a bridge. Source: Facebook

Sometime before midnight, Wilson apparently went into town to buy a final pack of cigarettes. The couple had plans to give them up as a New Year’s resolution.

According to the Yahoo report, Wilson said:

“There’s no money involved, no drugs, no debt, there’s just no motive for the attack other than they were intimidated that we might tell their families.”

The news item goes on to state:

“When he did not return, Mr Tokotaua went looking for him. I found him after two hours, on the train tracks. He looked mangled,” he told the Daily Mail.

Mr Tokotaua initially thought it was a suicide attempt until he noticed his husband’s wallet and hat were missing.

More background on the what happened with gruesome details:

“Police believe Mr Wilson’s burns came from the power lines above the railway tracks, but Mr Tokotaua thinks they are from a “chemical or lighter fluid that has been poured on him and set alight”.

“It was a gay hate crime,” he said.

Mr Wilson was found around 2am on New Year’s Day beneath an eight-metre high train bridge in the town on Queensland’s Central Coast.

Three years ago, the couple married in New Zealand. They were vacationing off Australia’s east coast.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the duo has adopted three children and raised another 15 foster kids.

Police are still investigating the crime

h/t: Yahoo News