7 Scientific Reasons Gay Men Find Guys with Beards Desirable

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Guys with beards can act as a ma-magnet

Guys with beards and gay men

Recently, a science based study regarding beards was released in the peer reviewed Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior. The research examined mating preferences among different groups, including men who identify as gay.

Known as the “beard length study”, the principle investigators unearthed several thought-provoking details about facial hair and human attraction.

bearded guys and gay men

In a survey of 1,577 people conducted online, gay and bisexual participants were shown to have stronger preferences for guys with stubble.

In fact, the thicker the facial hair, the more desirable the guy.

What was interesting about the study were gender preferences and sexual orientation.

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Specifically, a mirror survey was conducted among heterosexual females. It determined that guys who were clean-shaven were deemed not as attractive when compared to men with a full beards.

On the flip-side, gay men specifically indicated that guys who had thicker stubble made for hotter, better mates. They were also more desired as long term partners.

The old adage of being attracted to what’s familiar was also confirmed in this study. That’s because men with differing beard lengths were found to be drawn to other men with similar styling.

“When beardedness becomes too common, it is less attractive than when it is rare,” Dr Barnaby Dixson, from the University of Queensland, wrote.

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Hairy men with beards and gay men

The science of gay men and beards

But can one study really make declarative statements about the preferences of gay men and beards? Probably not. In truth, attraction is highly subjective and unique to each individual.

That said, it is possible to examine male typologies and draw links between body characteristics, including facial hair, for subgroups like gay men.

What follows are 7 strong reasons many gay men are attracted to guys with beards based entirely on science.

Reasons gay men like guys with beards

1. Masculine Vibe

Perhaps the biggest reason gay men are into guys with beards relates to masculinity.

Scientific research studies on facial hair have found that men who sport facial hair are perceived as more manly. Our post on masculine men with beards explores this line of research in detail.

2. Dominant Energy

The same study mentioned above also looked at the trait of being dominant. For whatever reason, guys who have a beard are experienced as being more dominant than those who do not.

Some research suggest there are primal reasons for this that herken back to man’s early beginnings at the start of the Cenozoic era.

3. Facial Morphology

More than one study has confirmed that a man’s general facial shape is complimented by facial hair. For gay men, the presence of stubble in these studies served as a man-magnet.

In our post, “Do you have a gay face?”, we assess the topic of facial morphology and the presence of facial hair.

4. Sex Hormones

A number of research studies suggest that guys with facial hair have the ability to activate certain sex hormones of others upon first sight. This is a carnal, animalistic response with primal roots.

A study conducted by the University of Stirling determined that mate attractiveness, thought to be in part a function of evolution, sparks sexual hormones deep in the brain’s core.

5 Top Bottom Preferences

While this line of research is highly controversial, there is some scientific evidence to suggest top and bottom preferences can be determined by a facial picture.

If you are a gay man who identifies as bottom, the research seems to suggest you lean towards men who have facial hair. See our post on gay men and face photos revealing top or bottom status.

6 Sign of Maturity

One of the key perceptions that others experience among men who sport a beard is maturity. In simple terms, this means if a guy has a beard, he is more likely to be seen as mature and stable.

For gay men, maturity and stability in a mate has long been a highly desired characteristic. Scientific studies have demonstrated this time and again.

7. Perceived Strength

The fact is guys who have facial hair are perceived to be stronger than those who do not. This doesn’t mean the perception is accurate. Instead, it speaks to how some people experience guys who have stubble.

While not expressly stated, facial hair, masculinity and strength are usually swirled together into one large characteristic typology.

Guys with Beards Poll

Online polls usually draw people to them from people who have a shared interest. That’s why the poll below that asks you your preference for guys with facial hair can’t be taken literally.

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That shared, we invite you to cast your vote and compare your results with others. Be sure to come back and see how your pick stacks up against other website visitors over the course of time.

Myths About Guys with Beards

There exists a number of myths related to guys with beards. Many of them are steeped in urban legend. Others are based on stereotypes, firmly grounded in pop culture.

While we can’t cover all of the myths, here are a few of the biggies. Remember, these are myths!

  • Guys with beards have larger anatomy
  • Men with beards are hotter in bed
  • Beaded men are super manly
  • All lumbersexuals have beards
  • Men of Asian descent don’t wear beards
  • Black men don’t like beards
  • Caucasian men prefer to wear beards
  • You can tell if a man is gay or straight if he’s bearded
  • Top or bottom status is identifiable by a beard
  • Bearded men are arrogant
  • Guys with facial hair are narcissistic

Beard Facts Video

Just for fun, we’ve included a video that contains a number of facts about beards. Produced by Buzzfeed, the digital slideshow offers reasons why guys should think about growing facial hair. The choice is obviously yours to make.

Guys with Beards Wrap Up

The debate about guys with beards and the gay men who are attracted to them has been going on forever. This cultural conversation is similar to topics that relate to the age-old question: Smooth or hairy?

In truth, our attraction to another is multi-factorial in nature. Narrowing it down to just one thing and generalizing it to the wider population isn’t possible.

Plus, declarative statements tend to play into untrue and harmful gay stereotypes.

We hope you found this post insightful!