Gay Polish Couple Gets Marriage Green Light Thanks to Haters

gay polish coople married

Couple told to “cut their throats” and go to the “gas chamber”

The cute Polish couple who found themselves on the receiving end of death threats last year are back in the news.

You may remember the duo?

They cut a video that essentially outed their relationship. It ended up going viral.

And the response from some people on social media, particularly in heavily Catholic Poland, was anything but supportive.

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Here’s the latest scoop …

Recently, the couple gained special permission to tie the knot in Madeira, Portugal.

But initially, they were rejected.

All of that changed once LGBT affirming officials on the island of Madeira learned about the unbelievable homophobia the pair faced back home.

Some of that homophobia came directly from Polish officials, who apparently made getting the necessary documents for marriage extremely difficult.

Once the local registry office on the Portuguese island of Madeira realized what an uphill battle the men were facing, they decided to grant the couple special permission to marry.

In a statement put out by the couple:

“We read about this opportunity and decided to appeal. – says Jacub – In letter we described our story, the scale of hate and threats that simply showered us and we handed on all documents and publications about us from the Polish and foreign press.”

It goes on to say:

“After a few weeks of waiting, we got the news – that they changed the decision and we receive permission to get married without missing documents.”

polish gay couple
David and Jacub
Jacub and David on the beach

“If we can’t get married in our country, we wanted to choose a place that is close to our hearts,” explained David. “There are countries where it is easier to get marriage permission, but we chose Madeira because we fell in love with this Island few years ago, and since then we visit it every year”.

Jakub compared their battle in this way: “[it was] like winning a war”.

Some of the most horrible, vile things were said to the duo in the immediate aftermath of their music video release. Examples include people writing on their social media pages that they should “cut their throats”. One particularly hateful person even said: “send them to the gas chamber”.

Now, thanks to haters back home, the two will join hands in marriage this summer.

The lip sync video has been created with the couples friends and family who supported them both through the ordeal.

Mostly other LGBT couples appear in the video but David’s mother, who discovered the original negative comments, also makes a cameo.

You can watch Jakub and David here. Gay Pop Buzz would like to wish both men all the best and extend our sincere congratulations!