Gay Pop Buzz Comment Policy

We welcome comments from website visitors and value our community at Gay Pop Buzz. Given the nature of the site, we also understand that heated debates will sometimes occur in the comments section. With that shared, what we don’t want is for the discussion to break out into an all-out name calling fest. As you might imagine, these types of posts make other website visitors reluctant to participate.

It is for this reason we are implementing specific guidelines for commenter interaction, which we hope will continue to promote a friendly, supportive and interactive environment that we’ve always enjoyed at Gay Pop Buzz.

While it is OK to disagree and offer feedback – either to an author or other community members – we expect that commenters will behave with respect towards one another and not engage in name calling, harassment or obvious trolling. When you are in doubt, we encourage you to simply walk away.

The following things will get your comments deleted. If you continue to violate the commenter policy, you may be banned.

  • Threats, defamatory language, harassment, libelous content – including but not limited to attacks on the author or fellow commenter’s.
  • Hate speech, including anti-LGBT comments, racial slurs, transphobic, ageist, homophobic language. To keep it real, if your comments seem to have a discriminatory tone, you will probably experience an instant ban.
  • Comments that seem to rip on other people or tear them down. Yes, you can disagree but no, you may not attack someone personally. If you are excessively negative and the totality of your posts seem to show a trend where you dump on other people, we don’t want you here.
  • Posts that are flagged by other commenters for being inappropriate.
  • Posting material that infringes on copyright laws or intellectual property laws
  • Spam
  • Consistent violations of the comment policy

If you witness behaviors that violate the above stated, please flag it for moderation. We certainly will be watching as well but it helps if you take a moment to let us know with a flag. This is super easy to do. Simply click on the gray flag in the comment’s upper right hand corner.

You can also send comments that appear to violate our policy to us directly by clicking on the “Contact Us” form. We try to get through our emails quickly so please be patient. Also, we may or may not respond to your email. It just depends upon the situation.

We also welcome any suggestions for additions to this policy. Please send your inquires to [email protected]