Gay Pop Buzz is Looking for Bloggers!

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Do You Like to Write?

Gay Pop Buzz is looking for someone to make regular contributions to the blog to keep our content current, dynamic and fun. We are looking for bloggers who are thoughtful, have a quick sense of wit and a sharp sense of humor.

If you look around this website, you will notice that many of our posts touch upon a number of different themes, including:

  • Male celebrity news/facts
  • LGBTQ related issues
  • Issues that are specific to gay men
  • Fashion and self-care

Successful bloggers for Gay Pop Buzz will also know their way around social media websites and are comfortable with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest.

FYI: This position is freelance, so you get to make your own hours and decide how often you want to post! Our only request is consistency. If you commit to submitting “X” number of articles per week or on certain days of the week, we expect you to stick with that commitment.

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Our hope is to recruit the right people to help build the Gay Pop Buzz team. If you are interested in writing for us, please send us a brief cover letter and resume or email and tell us why you would be great for this job. Share why you think you are a good match and what you can bring to the position. Answer the question: Why you think your contributions would be of interest

If you have sample posts or a link to a blog that you currently write for (particularly gay related blog posts) that would help to sell yourself. And it goes without saying that your cover letter and resume will speak to your writing capabilities.

One of the things you may notice about Gay Pop Buzz is that our content tends to be a bit longer. Short, quick blog posts are fine once in a while provided the writing is original but longer content is always better. Please note that this is not an adult website and we’re not interested in those kinds of posts.

Finally, please note that this position is different than the stories we feature from readers that appear in our first hand, “It Really Happened” section of the website.

If you would like us to consider you for our freelance blogging position, please send us a confidential email with your cover letter (or email) with your resume and links to example blog posts to the following email address: [email protected]