We’re Looking For a Few Good Bloggers at Gay Pop Buzz

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Do You Like to Write?

GPB is looking for daily news writers who are on top of what’s happening within the LGBT community.  This means having an eye on what gay men are liking, sharing, and talking about online.

Ideal candidates will also have a flexible schedule and show that they can cover news as it happens.

They will also understand GPB has a highly-engaged audience and the breadth of topics that we cover which include but are not limited to politics, pop culture, LGBTQ rights, progressive human rights issues, entertainment, science, social media, celebrities, and LGBTQ history.

What you need to show us you’re good at:

  • Finding the best stories to share with our audience curated from a variety of sources including social media and mainstream news, and writing them up quickly and accurately with an eye to what engages people, generates discussion, and drives traffic.
  • Generating ideas for reaching our audience in new ways, collaborating with GPB’s team on special projects, and being independently disciplined and able to work under pressure.
  • Original writing (no copying and pasting entire swaths from other sites)
  • Ability to write one to two stories per day several days a week.

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Skills we’d like to see:

  • Experience writing and/or editing a website, news writing experience, social media savvy.
  • A national and global news junkie with a wide range of knowledge.
  • Someone with a confident voice who can work under pressure while retaining attention to detail.
  • Comfort with real-time social reporting.
  • A talent with imagery and art, and an ability to identify images that engage people online.
  • Good experience with WordPress – there’s not a lot of time available for training.
  • An understanding of what drives people to share on social media and create similar content.
  • An understanding of social media networks.
  • Someone who “gets” the internet, doesn’t mind odd hours, and can be flexible with their time.

Please send along your resume, your time availability (and flexibility), a link to your social media profiles, and links to the best thing you’ve published online and the most popular thing you’ve published online, and a brief note about why you’re right for GPB to [email protected]

Because of the large number of inquiries we receive and our limited staff, we cannot promise a personal reply to everyone, but will try. Thanks in advance for your interest.