Gay Slang and Lingo Ultimate Guide with 65 Terms!

gay slang lingo 65 terms

Gay Slang Dictionary!

Gay slang and lingo have been part of the LGBT community for decades, with some research suggesting in dates back all the way to the early 1900’s. Part of the reason these terms came about is because gay people needed to have a secret language to communicate with brevity.

Many of us hear these terms used in our gay subculture but may not know what the slang means. This is particularly true for gay men who are Gen-Y or Millennials.

While many people find gay slang to be pejorative and/or promote stereotypes, it is important to note they do serve a functional purpose. As with any culture, “lingo” and “slang” contain cultural components, with many words and phrases holding historical meaning. And while we may not like some of these words, they are part of our gay history.

Gay Slang Guide

This online guide has been created to help you better understand what a given slang-term means. We’ve scoured the literature to provide relevant terms that are commonly used. In some cases, celebrity examples are used to provide a visual reference and to enhance mental imagery.

If truth be told, we’ve sanitized a few of the definitions a bit because we want this guide to be sharable with people you know. Most all of these phrases are specific to gay men because the lesbians have their own terms.

At the end of the post, we’ve also recommended a book that provides more information on the entire topic of gay slang. There’s also a gay slang video where you can play along with and test your knowledge of the lingo.

Finally, recognize that there is no way we could include the entire lingo set in this guide. These phrases seem to change on a regular basis. Plus, this guide would never end.

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Gay Slang Lingo Guide Online
Word/Lingo TermGeneral Meaning
AdonisGay man built like a Greek God.
Angel FoodGay man serving in Air Force
ArtisteGay man who is talented with his mouth.
AuntieGossipy gay; older effeminate
BasketVisible private areas through clothing. “He has a big basket”
BathshebaGay who frequents bathhouses
BDGay who is into bondage/discipline
Beach Bi**Gay who frequents beaches looking for a hookup
BearLarger, heavier, hairy gay male.
BeefcakeMasculine, muscular male
BullSuper muscular man/body builder. (See “The Rock”)
ButchMasculine, often muscular gay man.
Camp/CampyGay Fun with effeminate overtones. “That was so campy!”
CatcherReceiving end of business
Cha-Cha QueenEffeminate Latin Male
ChiffonGay with a super effeminate voice. “All that chiffon came out of his mouth”.
Chubby ChaserGay man into overweight men
Closet QueenGay who hides their orientation
CottagingGay who likes to meet others in public restrooms (British Term)
CubYounger gay man that is hairy/stocky with masculine features.
Cup CakesWell-developed behind
DaddyOlder gay male (subjective) often with masculine features.
DILFAcronym for “Dad I’d Like to F*$&!
DiscreetGay man who is not out or cheating (or both)
Disney QueenA gay man who is heavily into Disney characters/themes.
DL QueenGay who visits the online website: Data Lounge
Eyeball QueenGay man who has voyeuristic traits
FairyEffeminate looking/sounding gay male
Fame-DiggerGay male who latches onto people with higher status.
FlamerVery effeminate gay male
Fish N’ Chips“Straight” man with wife and kids but hooking up with gay man.
Full HousePerson who has multiple STIs.
Gay DemonsGay man who is plagued with issues about being gay.

Girl ScoutsGay man in military on leave looking to hook up
Glass ClosetGay man who never acknowledges orientation but everyone knows.
God’s Waiting RoomTerm used for cities where older gays reside [Palm Springs]
HettySlang for heterosexual
HoratianSlang for bi “Channing “Horatian” Tatum
Ice CreamAn attractive male that a gay wants to lick.
In-SistersTwo close gay male friends
JockGay male with athletic build.
Lounge LizardGay who frequents bars and tries to move in on other gay men’s partners/boyfriends
Lucky PierreMiddle man in a gay sandwich
Mother SuperiorOlder, wiser gay who has life experience. Respected.
NellieSimilar to flamer. Effeminate gay man.
Net QueenGay man who lives on the Internet.
OtterThin/”Thinnish” hairy gay man
OrphanGay man who recently broke up.
Passion FruitTerm used for gay man who can “pass” as straight. Usually masculine and attractive.
PrincessEffeminate, pejorative term for a gay man.
PupUsually early 20’s with little to no experience in gay world.
Ringer CatcherPlays role of catcher (see catcher above)
Selfish BottomSomeone who is selfish during intimate contact and does not give back. (See Narcissist)
SmurfNegative term used for twink-types.
Star Fu#@#* (rhymes with tucker)Gay man who chases after celebs hoping to hook up and then later brag about it.
Straight-JacketGay man who cannot come out of closet for family/work reasons.
Sugar BearEffeminate gay man with bear features.
TinkerbellGay man who likes to be leaked on (read between lines).
TrollNegative term used to describe an “old gay man” with creepy connotations
Troll-TrainA group of trolls following an attractive gay male.
Underwear QueenGay man who is obsessed with men’s underwear.
WendyWhite male
WolfUsually well-built gay male. Often has facial hair. May or may not have body hair. (See Wolves Post)
Wrinkle RoomNegative term used to describe establishment that has older gay clientele.
Yard BoyGay male who likes getting it on outdoors and/or in public.

Gay Slang Lingo Video!

Are you ready for some more gay slang and lingo? Check out this video that features some millennials dudes talking about gay slang. What’s fun about the vid is how some of the straight boys seem to be clueless on the terms.

Gay Slang Lingo Book

If you just can’t get enough of gay slang and lingo, there is a book you can pick up online that is full of terms that are common in gay culture. We’ve read this one and it truly does contain page after page of some of the campiest, gayest and downright funny terms/phrases you’ve ever heard.