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Wolf, Bear, Twink, Otter and other Types of Gay Men

Twink, Bear, Otter, Jock and Other Gay Body Types

For years, lingo has been used by gay men to identify, describe and label other gay men. While we often hear these terms, what do they really mean? The answer to that question is complicated.

That’s because labels like “wolf”, “bear” and “twink” can be subjective. More important, certain labels have a way of changing over the course of time.

Types of Gay Men Definitions:

This post is designed to help you better understand the different types of gay men through the use of labels.

Below, you will learn the definition to the following terms commonly used by gay men as body type descriptors:

  • Wolf
  • Bear
  • Otter
  • Twink
  • Jock
  • Silver Daddy
  • Circuit Queen
  • Troll
  • Pup
  • Cub
  • Bull
  • Daddy Chaser
  • Muscle Daddy
  • Twunk
  • Muscle Top
Types of Gay Men: Gay Classifications

And while we understand there are some who become offended by using these descriptors, we would like to point out that gay lingo has historically played an important part of LGBTQ history. To “get rid” of these labels is to wipe away history.

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And we want to say that it would be impossible in this one post to cover each gay body type. That’s because new labels are created on a regular basis. What we’ve tried to share are the ones that have held up over the course of time.

Let’s jump right in!

Gay Wolf
Gay Wolf


A gay wolf is lean and muscular. They often have some type of facial hair. Additionally, these men are sexually aggressive.

Other characteristics of gay wolves:

  • Ages can range from mid-30’s and up
  • An offshoot of the bear community
  • Considered masculine

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gay bear
Gay Bear


A gay bear usually has a larger body and can be stocky to overweight. Bears are often hairy but this isn’t a requirement for this classification. Additionally, there are muscle bears, polar bears and teddy bears.

Other characteristics of gay bears:

  • Often masculine
  • Heavy set to large
  • Typically, very social

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gay otter
Gay Otter


Within the gay community, the label “otter” is used to describe a man that generally has a thin to athletic build. The overriding characteristic is body hair (some or a lot). A gay man can also be a muscle otter, similar to the photograph above.

Other characteristics of gay otters:

  • Most common body type in gaydom
  • May or may not wear a beard
  • Subcategory of the bear community

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twink gay boy


To be a gay twink means that you are young, thin and attractive. Generally speaking, twinks are in their early to mid-twenties and are not overly muscular. There can be effeminate twinks and masculine twinks.

Other characteristics of gay twinks:

  • Younger
  • Often considered “pretty”
  • Highly desired by some older gay men

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gay puerto rico
Gay Jock


In the gay world, a “Jock” is used to describe a man who is athletic. They are almost always muscular and have a competitive streak. They are also consumed with fitness. Jock is borrowed from the “straight” world.

Other characteristics of gay jocks:

  • Usually has a sculpted body
  • Very attractive
  • Highly sought after by other gay men

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silver daddy muscle daddy
Silver Daddy who is also a muscle daddy


To be a silver daddy in the gay community, a man must meet certain criteria. The primary one is being older with graying to white hair. Silver daddies are considered attractive and desired by younger gay men, such as twinks, wolves and others. Many are 60 and over. Silver daddies often tend to be well preserved.

Other characteristics of gay silver daddies:

  • Usually has facial hair (beard)
  • Often has a muscular physique and is masculine
  • May or may not have body hair

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circuit party queen tweaker
Tweaker (Circuit Party Queen)

7. Tweaker (Circuit Queen)

We are including the tweaker body type here, sometimes referred to as “circuit queen” because it is used by some as a descriptor. Tweakers are gay men who often party with different substances, such as crystal, ecstasy, GHB and so forth.

Other characteristics of gay tweaker:

  • Usually thin and sculpted
  • Some look emaciated
  • Because of heavy substance use, some are total bottoms

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gay troll
Gay Troll


It is sad that this label exists but it does. A gay troll is a man who is well past his prime time and considered to be unattractive. While this is a subjective term, it is often used to describe gay men of advanced age.

Other characteristics of gay trolls:

  • Usually out of shape
  • Often older than 65
  • Not considered sexually attractive

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twinks and pups gay
Gay Pup

9. PUP

To be considered a pup means that you are a gay man that is super young. Here, we are talking about guys who are between 18 to early 20’s. Pups are not the same as twinks, although they share similar characteristics. Photo above is a muscle pup with tats and hair.

Other characteristics of gay pups:

  • Usually very naive to gay community
  • Often considered “adorable”
  • Attractive and may or may not have body hair

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gay cub
Gay Cub

10. CUB

When you hear the term “cub” in the gay community, it means that the person is a little overweight. Cubs are typically younger. This body type is also a subtype of gay bears.

Other characteristics of gay cubs:

  • Usually hairy but not always
  • Younger (twenties to early thirties)
  • Not obese but not thin
  • Sometimes referred to as “muscle cubs” if athletic

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gay exhibitionist
Gay Bull

11. Bull

Gay men who are body builders with large, muscular physiques are considered “bulls”. These types of men are more than just athletic or “jock-like” in nature. Instead, we’re talking pure grade, massive beef!

Other characteristics of bulls:

  • Can be exhibitionists
  • May be open to body worship
  • Extremely muscular and built

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daddy chaser
Gay Daddy Chaser


“Daddy chasers” in the gay community is a term used to describe younger gay men who go after older gay men. It’s important to state that just because someone is a daddy chaser, it doesn’t mean they are into “daddies”. That’s because motivations can vary. Example: Someone may pursue a silver daddy because he’s got money.

Other characteristics of daddy chasers:

  • Always younger than the “daddy”
  • Sometimes takes on a submissive role
  • May hold father son fantasies

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Muscle Daddy
Muscle Daddy


When you hear the label “muscle daddy”, think older and muscular. While there is no hard and fast rule on this one, muscle daddies are usually between their mid-30’s to mid-50’s. Picture above is a younger muscle daddy (he also crosses with a wolf).

Other characteristics of muscle daddies:

  • Sometimes have tattoos
  • Always well-built and attractive
  • Typically, masculine
  • Can share title with a wolf (aka muscle wolf)

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gay twunk
Gay Twunk


The label “twunk” is used to describe a muscular twink. In fact, twinks and twunks share many of the same characteristics. The only real difference is that twunks tend to work out and have muscular physiques.

Other characteristics of twunks:

  • Can be masculine or effeminate
  • Always younger in age
  • May or may not have body hair

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muscle top
Gay Muscle Top


You will sometimes hear the term “muscle top” in gaydom. A guy is considered a muscle top if he’s well built (usually sculpted) and takes on the role of topping bottoms. Muscle tops are highly desired within the gay community because many consider them to be a dying breed.

Other characteristics of muscle tops:

  • Many have tattoos but not all
  • Usually masculine and aggressive
  • Can be very dominant

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Wolf, Bear Otter Summary

As mentioned earlier, the types of gay men described here are just but a few. A more comprehensive discussion with pictorial examples of gay body types can be found on the Paired Life website.

If you are looking for more insight into gay lingo, it may be helpful to pick up a copy of the book: Fantabulosa: A Dictionary of Polari and Gay Slang.
There are other resources available online as well. Below you will find several examples that you can check out from Amazon.

Remember, the typologies discussed here are part of our collective LGBTQ history. If we get rid of the language, we also erase our cultural history.