Gay Student and Friends Kicked Out of Uber for Kissing


The company has taken corrective action

A gay student and his friends have shared they were kicked out of an Uber because they were gay. Paul Hanafin, a 20-year old student and waiter, claimed the driver tossed his party of four out of the automobile after one of the men kissed another on the cheek in the back seat.

The group was traveling back from a night of clubbing in London.

According to a report on the Daily Mail, the friends had booked the car after a fun night out in celebration of a friend’s birthday at the famous nightclub in London called Heaven.

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Everything started out OK as the four got into the vehicle but apparently things went downhill fast when one of the guys kissed one of his friends on the cheek. In response, the Uber driver told the riders he didn’t want any “gay stuff” in his car.

Paul Hanafin. Credit: Daily Mail

Hanafin, shared in the Daily Mail article:

“We were all shocked. You don’t expect that sort of homophobia in London in this day and age. It was literally a peck on the cheek between two of my friends to say thank you for coming out to celebrate their birthday.”

He continues to share what happened.

“We had just been chatting away about what a good night we’d had but this totally spoiled it. We had to get a bus the rest of the way. He’d just picked us up from a gay club so it wouldn’t have been hard for him to guess we were gay before he accepted the journey.”

At some point in response to the kiss, the driver turned to the group and allegedly said, “You’re not doing that in my car.”

Hanafin describes what happened next:

“He got dead serious and told us to get out. He told us he didn’t want any “gay stuff” in his car. It was so disgusting and so rude.”

Credit: Daily Mail

According to the report, the four men were then kicked out of the automobile, which happened to be around 4 am in the freezing cold.

After Uber was notified of the incident, they launched an official investigation. A company spokesman said they took immediate action against the driver. They were unable to provide specifics due to privacy issues.

In support of the company’s response, Hanafin shared: “’To be fair, they were outraged too and were really helpful. They are a modern, international company and dealt with it really well. They gave us a full refund.

If hadn’t been for their positive response, I would not be using them again. This was probably just one bad egg.”

h/t: Daily Mail