Guys with Blue Eyes: 10 Hot Men from TV & Movies!

blue eyesCute Guys with Blue Eyes

Guys with blue eyes can be stunning to look at – particularly if that guy happens to be a male celebrity. What many people do not know is that blue eyes are fairly uncommon among the general population according to some studies.

While we don’t have concrete research on specific numbers, it is estimated that only around 8% of people have blue eyes.

When you take into account global population estimates that hover around 7 billion and then deduct that 8%, you are left with approximately 55-60 million people who have some color of blue as their eye color.

Subtract again for gender differences (male vs. female) and then segment out male celebrities and you are left with a super small number!

If you happen to have blue eyes, consider yourself among a very special group. The vast majority of people have brown eyes, followed by a mixture of brown-green; commonly referred to as hazel.

This article will present 10 hot guys with blue eyes from television and movies. There is no way we could fit all of the cute guys with blue eyes on this one page.

Instead, we decided to focus on men whose eye color stands out because the intensity of their blue is so striking. At the end of this post, be sure to cast your vote and share who your favorite blue eyed actor is!

But before we dive too far into the guys, let’s take a look at some of the science behind blue eyes.

Blue Eyes Why are my eyes blue

Why Are My Eyes Blue?

If you happen to have been born with blue eyes or are just interested in guys who have this ocular color, you wouldn’t be alone. A lot of people are naturally interested in what makes a person’s eye color express in a certain way.

In the case of blue, genetics are only part of the equation as you might guess. What really determines eye color is: 1) the pigmentation of your iris and 2) the way light scatters across the iris.

If you are looking for more information on the specifics of what makes a person’s eyes blue, green, brown or hazel, there is an excellent page to check out by visiting the Guy Counseling website’s blue eye page (see link)

10 hot guys with blue eyes
10 Hot Guys with Blue Eyes

Guys with Blue Eyes: 10 Hot Ones!

Given the focus of this blog is men, we are now ready to present 10 hot guys with blue eyes. Under each person’s listing, we have included a bit of information about each star for background purposes.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

robbie amell blue eyes
Robbie Amell Blue Eyes: Credit Pinterest

Blue Eye Guy #1: Robbie Amell

When you look at Robbie Amell, the first thing you notice is the translucence of his blue eyes. You have likely seen Robbie in movies like The Duff and on shows like The Arrow. Robbie

This is one actor who has experience a rapid rise in his stardom. In case you didn’t know, he is cousins with Stephen Amell. You can read our entire file on this hunk by visiting our Robbie Amell page.

chris evans blue eyes facial hair
Chris Evans Blue Eyes: Credit Guy Counseling

Blue Eye Guy #2: Chris Evans

Stunning is the word that comes to mind when you see almost any photo of actor Chris Evans. Here at the blog, we like to refer to the man as “dreamy”, in part because this Captain America superhero seems to look right through you upon gazing at his picture!

Chis Evans has starred in a number of movies ranging from Cellular to Fantastic Four to The Avengers. Evans was picked as “Hottest Man of the Year” in 2014 by visitors of this site.

zac efron blue eyes facial hair
Zac Efron Blue Eyes: Credit – Pinterest

Blue Eye Guy #3: Zac Efron

One of the most spectacular pair of blue eyes that you will ever see is on gay fan favorite, Zac Efron. Getting his start in musical productions, this actor has watched his star rise tremendously in recent years. Movie credits include High School Musical and Triple Play.

Efron is the topic of wishful thinking among many gay men – not to mention fantasies. You can read more about this hunky celebrity by visiting our Zac Efron page.

chris pine gay straight
Chris Pine Blue Eyes

Blue Eye Guy #4: Chris Pine

Without a doubt, the first thing that jumps out at you when you see Chris Pine in movies or on television are the actor’s wickedly deep blue eyes. Pine, a native of southern California and son of CHIPS actor Robert Pine, is one of the most popular male stars on the planet!

He is best known for his role as Captain James T. Kirk in the rebooted version of Star Trek. You can read all about Chris Pine by searching for Chris Pine on our site.

chase crawford gay straight bi
Chase Crawford Blue Eyes

Blue Eye Guy #5: Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford is one of those actors that you can’t help but notice. His bright blue eyes seem to pierce right through you. Almost aqua in color, Crawford has been known to stop people in their tracks dead cold because of handsome good looks.

We’ve written about Chase in the past when we explored his different television and film credits. For fun, we also tried to track down the source of why so many gay/bi rumors exist about the swoonworthy actor. You can read all about Chase Crawford on this page.

michael ealy blue eyes black suite
Michael Ealy Blue Eyes: Credit Pinterest

Blue Eye Guy 6: Michael Ealy

Gorgeous and charming, Michael Ealy is an actor known for his amazing steel blue eyes. He has appeared in a variety of different off-Broadway productions and in several movie productions, including installment two of Fast and Furious.

Like most actors who are extraordinarily handsome, there can usually be found a certain amount of gossip related to their sexual orientation. Michael Ealy is often pined after by men who engage in wishful thinking.

colton haynes eyes

Blue Eye Guy 7: Colton Haynes

There’s just something super-hot about Colton Haynes. Part of the attraction has to do with his charming personality and part of it is connected to the mesmerizing hew of his blue eyes. Plus, Colton is just wickedly, devilishly hot!

You’ve likely seen Colton on a number of television shows, including the CW’s Arrow. This actor has certainly been the subject of many fantasies from website visitors. You can read about our Colton Haynes Gay boyfriend fantasy that we drummed up by clicking here.

scott eastwood blue eyes facial hair
Scott Eastwood Blue Eyes: Credit: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Blue Eye Guy 8: Scott Eastwood

One of Hollywood’s fastest rising male celebrities in Hollywood is Scott Eastwood. He is the son of one Mr. Clint Eastwood. Born under the Aries fire sign, Scott stands at 5’11 and has one of the most spectacular pair of blue eyes you will ever gaze upon.

Scott’s big breakout movie was The Longest Ride in 2015. He happens to be on our annual list of hottest celebs and is a favorite of gays and straights alike. You can learn all about Scott Eastwood by visiting this page.

henry cavil blue eyes facial hair
Henry Cavil Blue Eyes: Credit Henry Cavil Website

Blue Eye Guy #9: Henry Cavill

If you are a fan of the Superman franchise, you are no doubt familiar with British born actor, Henry Cavill. Standing at 6’1 one and armed with a killer, Cavil is all man baby!

We’ve written about this hairy chested hunk before, including some of the reasons why gay/bi rumors swirl around him. You can read more about Henry Cavill by visiting this page.

chris hemsworth gay straight bi
Chris Hemsworth Blue Eyes – Credit: Pinterest

Blue Eye Guy 10: Chris Hemsworth

If you like tall, blue eyed men packing plenty of muscle, Chris Hemsworth is absolutely for you. We’ve written about this Australian born actor in the past when we explored the background of Chris in an extensive post.

One of the problems fans of this star have is trying to decide which guy is cuter – Chris or Liam Hemsworth. As you probably know, the two are brothers. If you want chime in and vote for your favorite Hemsworth, be sure to visit this page.

Blue Eye Guy Poll

We know that everyone has their favorite male celeb. That’s why the “Guys with Blue Eyes” poll posted below should be thought of as unscientific.

So tell us, which of the 10 actors featured is your favorite? Remember, you only get to vote once so choose wisely!

Other Stars with Blue Eyes

  • Cam Gigandet (See our post on Cam)
  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Bradley Cooper
  • Daniel Radcliffe (See Daniel’s post here)
  • Matt Bomer
  • Neal Patrick Harris
  • Wentworth Miller
  • Ian Somerhalder (See our post on Ian)
  • Ryan Gosling
  • Jared Leto
  • Logan Lerman
  • Matt Dallas
Gay Wolf and Wolves
Blue Eyes Myths and Legends

Guys with Blue Eyes Fun

There are lots of myths out there about guys with blue eyes. Just for chips and giggles, we are going to list some of the more common ones. Perhaps you have heard of these too!

  • Guys with blue eyes are more attractive
  • Guys with blue eyes are more endowed
  • Guys with blue eyes make for cute wolves 
  • Guys with blue eyes are live longer lives
  • Guys with blue eyes are mysterious
  • Guys with blue eyes are the most liked people

Summing Things Up

There’s no doubt about it – guys with blue eyes are super hot to look at. Through a mixture of lore and myth, many people assign magical qualities to them.

Aqua, turquoise and even green-blue are all part of the blue eyed guy universe! Remember this post the next time you are sexting a gay guy with blue eyes!

We hope you enjoyed reading. Thanks for stopping by Gay Pop Buzz!

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