H.S. Football Players Forced Teammates Into Oral Sex During Brutal Locker Room Hazings (Report)

gay rape locker room high school

Hazings alleged to have happened in locker room and showers 

High School football players at a suburban high school in Chicago are accused of routinely sexually assaulting and dehumanizing two alleged victims by forcing them give oral sex as reported in the Tribune.

The incident is purported to have happened at Lake Zurich High School, a financially well do to suburb about 43 miles outside of Chicago city limits.

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Attorney Antonio Romanucci represents two former members of the 2016 football team, stated the young men were “brutally mocked, teased, humiliated, embarrassed and emotionally harmed, all in the name of team bonding.”

Many passages from the official report have been redacted by lawyers and the authorities to protect identities.

In a nutshell, the lawsuit claims some players of the football players urinated on other members of the team, used their genitals to slap them in the face and then brutally forced team members to give oral sex to one another.

The lawsuit also alleges that the person being targeted for the week would see their name written on a mounted whiteboard in the locker room  and was referred to as the [anti-gay slur] of the week.

“[Social] pressure and bullying at such events is so severe that even unwilling participants are forced to take part in acts that are assaultive, illegal and often sexual in nature,” according to the lawsuit.

 “Brutally forced team members”

This particular lawsuit claims other acts, dating back far as 1997, included football players being stripped naked, smashed in the genitals or viciously sodomized with broomsticks.

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Apparently, other teams had similar types of traditions, with cross-country runners allegedly being duct-taped naked to a post and wrestlers punching and kicking their teammates as a “birthday beat down”.

Just prior to a playoff game in November, the lawsuit indicates two of the school’s coaches had been placed on administrative leave for unstated reasons. Later, they resigned.

The school district also shared it was investigating ‘inappropriate activity’ in a locker room after a team meal in late October.

Authorities looked into this incident but now charges were brought. A investigation by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services is ongoing.

School district administrators declined to comment on the case, but said hazing prevention programs have since been in place since November.

“Members of the team slapped them in the face with their genitals”

As reported by Gay Star News:

“The lawsuit names the school district as defendant, as well as former head coach David Proffitt, former assistant coach Chad Beaver.  Others include volunteer coach William Stutzman, Athletic Director Rolando Vazquez, Superintendent Kaine Osburn and several unnamed school coaches.

It seeks to require anti-hazing training for district coaches, teachers and staff, educational assemblies for students, the establishment of a database to track hazing and bullying complaints. It also seeks damages in excess of $50,000.

In a text to the Chicago Tribune, Proffitt said: ‘We have always tried to do the right thing in preparing [players] for life’s challenges, while keeping them and the program’s best interest at heart.”

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He later added: “In the 11 years I have been at LZ, anytime we felt that a player was being humiliated in any way what so ever, we stopped it & made sure those involved understood the wrong in what they were doing.”

Regarding claims that alleged hazing included forced oral sex, Proffitt said: ‘Never did I know of anything like that taking place. … I am amazed that because of one or two individuals’ claims, the whole program & coaches are given a black eye.”

h/t: Gay Star News