Coach Nabbed for Tricking Teen Boys To Send Nude Pics

coach Carlos Perez

The coach used a fake Facebook account to allegedly lure teenage boys into sending their X pictures.

Carlos Perez, a 22-year old assistant high school wrestling coach was arrested last month for allegedly tricking young teenage boys into sending their nude pictures.

According to online reports, the coach created a fake Facebook account back in 2011 (when he was still in high school) under the name of Alayna Dentry.

After he graduated, he continued to befriend teenage boys online and fool them into sending naked photos.

Carlos Perez Mugshot
Carlos Perez Mug shot

In the arrest affidavit, Perez admitted that he did trick the teen boys. He also acknowledged that he knew a few of them personally and that he was aware they were minors.

Said Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco:

“This is extremely harmful to citizens and our kids. It’s troublesome as a parent to think that this individual was out there as a coach to wrestling kids. Then he was turning around and exploiting them.”

Mr. Perez was not employed full-time at the high school and the contract he had to coach only pertained to the school’s wrestling team.

carlos perez google plus
Carlos Perez coaching – pic from Google+

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Reportedly, the principal of the high school and the head coach were completely shocked because they’ve known Perez for years.

The assistant coach was arrested on two counts of “transmission of material harmful to a minor.” Deputies have indicated that additional charges are possible.

Christopher Perez, a sophomore at Wesley Chapel High, expressed feelings of confusion and shock over the alleged incident.

“I didn’t think that something, especially a teacher, would do something like that at my school,” said Perez.

He added:

“The first thing that came to mind is why would someone do that. It’s so disgusting that someone would do something like that, especially a coach at a high school.”


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