5 Reasons I Prefer Super Hung Guys as Told By Someone Small

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I’m not ashamed to say I like hung guys

By: Jack in Indiana

To hear my friends talk, you’d think I’m the most vapid, superficial person in gaydom. “Why do you insist on eight,” one of my buddies said to me upon learning of my size requirement.

Another friend chimed in and added, “You know, there’s more to a guy than what’s in his pants.”

The comments were made to me because I recently decided to break up with a guy because of his size. Not that he had a micro-ween or anything. He didn’t – it was like five.

It’s just for me, I’ve learned over the years that to be truly satisfied in the bed, I need a guy that’s packing large. That comment may strike you as shallow and maybe even ridiculous. You are perfectly entitled to that opinion, which I respect.

All I can do is speak my truth and say “big” works for me. Here’s 5 reasons that I’m not ashamed of being a size queen that might surprise you.

All I ask is you read through them before passing judgment.


1. I’m fairly small

The truth of the matter is that compared to the guys I like, I’m pretty small. Depending upon how you measure it, I come out around 4.5.

But the thing is I’m up front about it. Also, I’m a total and complete bottom. The guys I get with aren’t interested in what I’ve got going on in front.

Instead, the focus is on my behind.

2. Lager makes me feel better

There’s just something about grabbing onto something thick and meaty. I don’t know how to explain it but it just turns me on. Like a lot!

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And because I’ve learned how to ride super large through anal training, bigger guys offer a giant boost to my self-esteem.

3. I like riding thick

Some guys don’t like men who are super thick. I am not one of them. You see, I’ve found that a man with a really thick wanker makes me splooge more.

That’s not to say guys who are of average thickness aren’t good in bed – they are. It’s just for me, when the dude has a supersized sausage, it makes my release a whole bunch more.

4. I like extended foreplay

I admit, this one is a shallow. But I’m listing it because it happens to be true. When a guy is really big, I find foreplay lasts a lot longer.

Have you ever sat next to a hot guy with good sized largeness and just played with it? You know – slap it around a bit, kiss on it and other things?

You can do it with average for sure. But when it’s super-sized, it’s way more fun!

5. No need for toys

A lot of guys spend tons of money on toys. That’s cool and if truth be told, I’ve owned a few over the years. But when you’ve got a guy that’s ginormous, toys aren’t really necessary.

Most of the guys I get with fall into the beer can sized category. If you’ve never seen beer can – like for real – maybe you should. Once you ride something like this, I promise you you’ll never go back to average.

Plus, the need for toys goes away.

That’s not to say I don’t like to rub on a little enhancement cream on average shlonged guys from time to time. Having things like that on hand are important. Shoot, I use it on myself.

Summing Things Up

I know a lot of people reading this will think I’m the epitome of gay stereotypes. As I said at the beginning, I respect your opinion.

But at least I can be honest about what I’m into and not waste peoples time when on the apps. And isn’t honestly really the most important thing of all?