IML Chicago: I Got Pounded By a Pack of Otters!

IML Chicago got pounded I avoided going to IML Chicago for years because I thought I wouldn’t fit in. Turns out that I was wrong because I had the best time of my life. Plus, I found out that otters like me!

Luke in Ft. Wayne, IN

Last year was my first visit to International Mr. Leather in Chicago (IML). I had heard about it before from friends but was leery of going because I’m not a leather guy. Yep, I’m just a youngish Midwestern dude that lives in the next state over in a small town called Ft. Wayne.

In case you haven’t heard, IML is pretty much the biggest leather event in the U.S. for gay people and probably around the world.

It happens each May over Memorial Weekend. I will tell you a little about myself and how I got pounded out repeatedly by a number of cute muscle otters during my first time going.

About Me

I’m your typical wolf – hairy chest, muscular build that stands about 5’11. I just turned 36 in September so I guess I am getting up there.

From time to time I compete in body building contests around Indiana and the tri-state area. Big whoop, right? I’m an aging millenial homo that wants to look good.

I’m not a super paranoid gay who is worried about every gray hair that pops up. But I do try to take care of myself as much as possible to chase away the wrinkles and fat.

And yeah – I pretty much live at my local gym six days a week.

There’s not much else going on in Ft. Wayne so what else is there to do?

Stretching OUt
Just Stretching Out Before IML

So anyway, my buddy Keith had been begging me to go with him to IML for the past several years. Each time he asked, I declined because I just didn’t think it would be for me.

I’m just a regular guy that likes jeans, construction boots and a t-shirt. It’s not like I sport a lot of leather gear. In fact, I don’t even like running around in a jock strap.

I guess I was just skeptical.

Going to IML

After basically begging me over and over again, I gave in to Keith and decided to tag along with him to Chicago. It was only going to be three days and I figured that if I didn’t like it, I could always check out the Windy City on my own.

I wasn’t sure what to bring with me so I checked around and found out I could get by with my usual denim attire, a few T’s and a leather jacket.

And so I just packed enough clothing for a short weekender and some basic toiletries in a duffel bag and hitched a ride in Keith’s old ass pickup.

It’s really not that long of a drive to Chi-Town – maybe 2.5 – 3 hours depending on traffic? We left on a Thursday morning at 10 am and pulled into the Windy City around 1.

Along the way, we stopped to drain the main at a Denny’s somewhere in Valparaiso and had a quick breakfast. That’s when Keith filled me in on some things.

“You are going to meet a lot of hot looking guys here. Don’t feel like you have to hook up with all of them Luke.

And whatever you do, stay away from drugs for God’s sake.

A lot of guys do that crap at IML and you don’t need that BS.”

Keith went on to tell me about his previous trips to Chicago during IML and what to expect. There would be parties, guys shagging one another and everything in between.

I could tell that he wanted me to have a good time but in a protective, brotherly kind of way.

standard room congress hotel
Standard Room at Congress Hotel

Congress Hotel

So we got to our room at the Congress Hotel on South Michigan Avenue. It wasn’t the greatest to be honest – just two beds, a bathroom, desk and some closet space.

But he figured we wouldn’t be in there that much so why get something fancy, you know?

The Congress itself is kind of old and stately. I personally prefer something more modern but since the IML festivities were being held at this location, that’s where we stayed.

Opening IML Ceremonies

So we went to the opening ceremonies and listened to the speeches, talks and everything else that goes on. A lot of history about the event was shared, which I kind of found interesting. And I had no idea that guys who wear rubber also went to IML but they do – trust me – they were all over the place.

So that evening, Keith decided to check out the hotel on his own. He said he would be gone for about three hours. I knew he wanted to leave me alone so that I could have some free time in the room.

That was my chance to get on the hookup apps, like Grindr and Scruff.

And so that’s what I did. I fired up my apps to see what shaking. I kind of had an idea based on the guys I saw at the opening ceremonies.

A lot of the dudes at that ceremony were Nellie queens trying to be masculine but there were a few who were smoking hot – for real.

IML Chicago First Night

It was about a minute before my phone started lighting up like a Christmas tree. It took me a few minutes to get through all of the messages and I learned to just use one app after awhile because if you see a guy on one, he’s going to be on the other. I settled on Scruff.

There was this one otter who kind of stood out. He called himself Dylan and he was just my type. Body builder, hairy chest, six pack abs, dark features and holding 8 inches worth of hardwood.

“Hey man, you want to come over to my room? My buddy and I are hosting a little party here and you will have fun.”

I agreed to go and told him it would take me about 30 minutes. I needed to shower and clean up.

Yeah, I’m not one of those nasty gay dudes who likes men who smell all rank. Once I was ready, I headed towards the elevators and literally rode 2 floors up.

As I approached the door, I could hear laughter going on inside. It sounded like maybe two or three people. Part of me wanted to bolt at that moment because I got nervous but my libido got the best of me and so I knocked.

Dylan stuck his head outside, his body shielded by the door. “Luke?” he said, with a devilish grin. “Yeah man come on in man.”

Once I got inside, I could see there were five really cute muscle otters all chilling out on a king sized bed. They were watching some videos on the TV.

Somebody had apparently connected a portable DVD player because I could see the wiring. And the videos weren’t Disney cartoons haha.

gay otters
I Love Otters!

Before I knew it, Dylan and one of the otters helped me to get undressed. Nobody was doing any drugs that I could see or smell and so that made me feel relaxed. I mean, there were poppers there but I really don’t consider that a hard drug, you know?

And so all I can tell you is that pretty much for 2 hours, I got pounded out repeatedly by this hungry pack of otters.

I know that I busted at least 3 times too because this same otter kept licking it up. And hey, it’s not that I don’t top because I’m not some selfish bottom or anything. It’s just that the flow of that night went that way and the guys were feeling that vibe.

When we were done, Dylan jotted down his cell number and told me to text him over the weekend to hookup again.

I have to say he was really nice. He might have been from New York but honestly, I can’t recall

What I do remember is that I slept really well that first night.

IML Chicago Second Night

The second night of IML was pretty much like the first. There were several event parties that took place.

One of them was the Onyx party. It’s basically a dance party that celebrates diversity with a focus on people of color. I have always found black guys to be attractive and so I decided to go.

Was I worried that I would stick out like a sore thumb because I was white? To be honest, I was but I went anyway. It helped that Keith wanted to go as well to keep it real.

Once we got to the party, which is in one of the hotel ballrooms, I found out I didn’t have anything to worry about.

There were lots of different people there, including blacks, whites, and Latin dudes. It was super cool.

Congress Hotel Chicago
The Congress Hotel Looks Great at Night

So I danced for a bit with some guys from LA who had traveled to Chicago for the event. One of them was a “Bull” for lack of a better term because he was built like Dwayne Johnson – The Rock.

His name was Ben and man was he smoking hot. Maybe mid-40 and about 6’2? He had the whole thing going on too – leather chaps, t-shirt, scruffy face and deep voice.

At some point or another, the two of us ended going up to his room. Keith saw me leave and from the looks of it he was making his own progress with some Puerto Rican guy.

I ended up staying in Ben’s room almost until dawn. We took turns drilling each other with me doing it more to him because of his size. He was impressive.

Let’s just say by day #3 I needed to take a break and so did my butt.

Leather Market

So the next morning I went back to my room and found Keith shagging that Puerto Rican guy from the night before.

Honestly, Keith has always been just a buddy and we never once messed around. It’s not that he isn’t attractive because he is. It’s just that we grew up together in Ft. Wayne and he is more like a sibling to me.

But as I watched him continually bouncing up and down like a rodeo rider on top of his dark skinned friend, I couldn’t help but get turned on.

Plus, it seemed like the both of them had been smoking a little wacky weed from the way the room smelled. “So much for the no drugs thing” I remember thinking to myself.

I don’t know why I did it but I joined in. Not long mind you because as I said earlier, I was already feeling worn out “back there” if you know what I mean.

But there was something just hot about watching Keith bounce on that thing.

For the first time ever – and I mean ever, Keith and I made out while he rode the Latin pony.

I lasted all of 5 minutes before I fountained. After that I was done. But they weren’t.

Because I knew the two still had a ways to go, I took a quick shower and went for a walk.

iml leather market chicago
IML Leather Market. Notice the Trolls and Bears

Within the hotel is an area called the “Leather Market”. It’s basically a giant room with booth like tables designed to show off various kinds of gear. We’re talking everything from leather jackets to rubber goods to boots to you name it.

And did I mention it’s also a central gathering place?

Yeah it is and there’s lots of people walking around. I’ll level with you and share that most of them were pretty nasty.

Hey, I’m not knocking grizzly bears or anything but a crap-ton of these guys were just old fat trolls.

There were a handful of wolves and otters here and there… mixed in with some cubs but basically it was a nasty scene.

And there were more than a few guys who thought it was hot to run around un-showered and smelling like ass. It sort of turned me off.

Typical IML Crowd - Not My Type
Typical IML Crowd – Not My Type But It Maybe Yours?

I made my way out of the market and towards the hotel lobby. My goal was to get outside, grab some fresh air and maybe find some breakfast.

That’s when I met this handsome guy with a great body named Ricky.

Ricky had blue eyes and stood around 6ft tall. When we got to chatting, I could tell he had a bit of a southern accent. He was from Louisville, Kentucky and had headed up to IML on his own. He was probably around my age, give or take a few years?

“You want to get something to eat man?” he suggested as we stood in the lobby.

What I liked about him was that he was basic and down to earth. We ended up going to Dunk’n Donuts just a few blocks away and had coffee with some crappy egg-white breakfast sandwiches. Haha

After we finished, he asked me if I wanted to chill with him and a few friends at a party later that night. We exchanged numbers and agreed to text later.

I badly needed sleep because let’s face it – I was a complete skank the night before.

Keith Laying Back
Kieth in Jeans Napping

IML Chicago Third Night

After I got back to the room, Keith’s trick had gone. In fact, Keith was passed out in his bed, snoring like a buzz-saw. And to be honest, I kind of found it cute.

So I decided to curl up with him and take a nap. I could have jumped in my own bed but I decided to just go with the moment.

We spent a good four hours spooning. A few times he acted as the big spoon. It was really kind of nice and innocent.

He must have taken a shower while I was gone and after his Latin friend left because I could smell Dial soap on him. You see, that’s the way he always smells – like fresh soap.

I guess it must seem like I have a man-crush on him huh? Not really but just telling it like it is.

So by the time the sun went down we were both up and about. Keith didn’t have any plans made and I didn’t either except for possibly meeting Ricky later.

We had both been invited to the House of Blues Party but we both were not interested. I think we hung out in the room for a while and scarfed down some protein bars that he had tucked away in his bag.

Ricky eventually texted and asked if I wanted to head over. I ended up asking Keith if he wanted to chill with us. He was cool with it and so we got ourselves ready.

I’m not sure why we thought it was a “party” though because it really wasn’t.

To make a long story short, Ricky’s room had turned into hookup central. He had rented a giant suite that had two bathrooms in it and everything.

When we got to the room, there must have been 20 guys all playing around. Remember Dylan from earlier? He was there too.

And so anyway that’s what Keith and I did that night. We hung out in Ricky’s suite and basically ended up being on the receiving end of multiple jackhammers.

The best part was when the both Keith and I were facing one another on all fours during the   drilling. We might have made out a little. Ok, a lot.

And yes, there were people doing drugs in that room but we didn’t partake in that. In fact, we had both heard stories about guys getting booty bumped at other gay events and so we were extra careful at this IML party.

I’d say we were there from like 9 pm until 2am. It was fairly intense at times with leather guys getting into stuff that just wasn’t my scene.

Paddles and fists just don’t do it for me. Keith wasn’t turned on by it either.

Kieth's Vintage Pickup Truck
Kieth’s Vintage Pickup Truck

Leaving IML Chicago

Once we left the room party, we decided to call it a night. I was exhausted and I know Keith was too. We ended up crashing in our own beds back at our room.

The weird thing was that when I woke up, he was lying next to me undressed. He must have crawled in at some point? I didn’t mind.

We settled up with the front desk and checked out. I remember on the drive back to Ft. Wayne from IML how much we laughed at the craziness of the weekend. We also swapped some stories about all the things we had seen.

I might go to IML again next year but it depends on what’s happening. Keith and I are still super close but we never talked about our moments of closeness when we were in Chicago.

He knows I wrote this because I sent it to him.

Not that I am ashamed of it or anything. It’s just one of those random things that happens with friends.


  1. I was at IML in Chicago and had similar experiences. It’s just a fun time! You should have went to the House of Blues party though. It’s a blast.

  2. IML can be super fun! Good for you Luke. IML has helped me a lot with exploring my wild side. I used to party so I’m glad you mentioned that. I have to be super careful when I’m there.

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