I Had Sex With My Gay Uncle and Didn’t Know We Were Related

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I’m 23 and my uncle is 41. I didn’t mean this to happen but I can’t keep my hands off him. I know this probably seems sick to you but he just does it for me…

By: Brent in Green Bay

You probably think this is some type of creepy Internet post about guys who are into older men. I hate to disappoint you but it’s not. So I am just going to tell you my story and then ask for your thoughts at the end to see what you think.

I am a 23-year old gay guy living in Green Bay, Wisconsin in my parent’s home. My biological father died when I was 10 years old because of heart disease. My mother remarried just two years ago to a man that technically has become my stepfather.

sexy dilf

If I had to describe myself, I suppose I look at little like Dylan O’Brien from Teen Wolf. I like to swim a lot and do laps around the pool at a nearby school whenever I get the chance. Sometimes I lift weights in my garage too but not as much as I’d like.

What else … I have a sister who is a year older than me. Oh – and I am in college right now at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College where I’m hoping to complete my degree in Logistics.

The relationship I have with my mom is pretty good. We’ve always been real close. In many ways, I became the “man of the house” when my dad passed away.

Someone had to do all of the things my pops used to do, like mow the lawn and take care of chores. In many ways, I guess my mom and sister came to rely on me. I’m cool with that.

And so when my mother started dating Chris a few years ago, I was kind of relieved. For so many years she had chosen to remain single, not even wanting to go to church socials at the local parish.

She loved my dad so much that I think it was just hard for her to think of being with anyone new.

Mom and Chris met through a mutual friend at a house party. For a woman who is in her mid-40’s, she still turns a lot of heads. One of those heads happened to be Chris – the guy she would ultimately marry.

I like Chris enough. I still am not in an emotional place where I feel comfortable calling him “dad’. Not sure I ever will. But in every way that matters, he’s tried to be a good stepfather to me.

You know – like encourage me to get good grades and all that. He’s never yelled at me or been a jerk or anything. Plus he’s helping to pay for my college.

And as far as being gay, the entire family has pretty much known my story for a long time. Nobody has ever given me any crap for it, including Chris. In fact when the court ruled it was ok for gays to marry, he told me that he hoped one day I would meet someone special.

Anyway …

So here in Green Bay, the gay scene pretty much sucks. There are a handful of bars scattered throughout Brown County and that is it. Most people go to Milwaukee or Chicago if they want to meet anyone.

adult book

If you are looking for a hookup here, you can either go on the different aps like Scruff or you can head downtown to one of the adult bookstores.

I guess that’s why I’m telling you this. You see I that is how I met my Uncle Jack – at a bookstore. At the time, I didn’t know he was my uncle so let me get that out of the way right off the bat.

It happened one random Saturday night this August. I was looking for some action and not having any luck with my hookup aps. The bars were a non-starter because it’s always the same old people every week.

So I decided to drive over to the bookstore and see what might happen. It’s always a mixed bag when you go to these places, you know?

As I was walking around, looking at magazines and books, I saw an older guy out of the corner of my eye. He was a tall, scruffy face daddy that I thought was probably 40 or 45. We checked each other out and one thing led to another and bam – we were hooking up in a booth.

I’m typically not into older guys to be honest and prefer people around my age. But there was just something about this man who turned me on. I mean he was really well built and masculine.

Have you ever seen the punter for the New York Giants, Steve Weatheford? He looks a lot like that.

i'm sleeping with my stepfathers brother
He’s such a great kisser!

While we were doing our thing, I remember how fun it was to make out with him. The guy was a super good kisser. And feeling his beard on my face was hot AF!

We traded phone numbers that night and agreed to keep in touch. After all, this is Green Bay and finding good FB’s just isn’t that easy.

Over the summer, we texted a few times and did our thing here and there at the bookstore. It’s always been super casual too with no pressure. I never asked him a lot of questions – not even about the gold wedding ring he had on his finger. It just wasn’t my business, you know?

All I knew was that he recently moved back to Green Bay after serving in the Navy for the past 20 years. That’s it.

Fast Forward to this Fall

My mom and step-dad decided to put together a Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family. In years past before my mom got remarried, we had always went to my Aunt Brenda’s house for the holiday.

It’s just been a custom I guess. I still have memories of Thanksgiving with my “bio dad” at our home though. I’m thinking the switch to my Aunt’s happened because he died.

Anyway …

So here I am, sitting in the living room with my sister and watching the Packers like everyone else in Wisconsin. Around 4pm we heard a knock on the door. I figured it was my Aunt Brenda and my stupid younger cousins coming over. My sister went to answer the door.

The next thing I knew, I heard my sister say, “Hey everyone, it’s Uncle Jack and Aunt Melony!”

When I turned to check them out, my eyes almost popped out of my head. It was the guy from the bookstore I had been hooking up with. When he saw me, I could tell he was stunned too.

Suddenly, everything was just awkward – super awkward.

I knew my step-dad had a brother but had never met him. My mom hadn’t been married that long and my Uncle Jack had been deployed. Plus, my step-dad just didn’t talk about his brother that much.

Thanksgiving Dinner was interesting
Thanksgiving Dinner was interesting

Thanksgiving dinner went surprisingly well considering everything. I learned a lot about my step-father during the meal because my Uncle Jack told us stories about their childhood. I also found out my Aunt Melony.

But I have to admit I felt big time guilty as I listened to them talk, all the while knowing about the bookstore visits that happened with my Uncle during the entire summer.

After Thanksgiving was over and everyone left, I went up to my room and just sat on the bed and listened to Spotify. I guess the gravity of it all kind of hit me.

And you know what else?

I still found myself really attracted to my Uncle. Yes, I know it is wrong but I’m just telling you the real deal here.

And it gets worse.

A week later, my Uncle texted me to ask how I was. I told him I was good and made small talk.

At some point, I suggested to him that we should meet. When he asked me where, I said, “The same place.” I told him I’d be at the bookstore on Saturday at 8pm sharp. He said, “CYA there!”

Well, Saturday night rolled around and so did he. We did our usual thing – hot, just like always. When we were done, he told me that we should stop meeting because, “It wasn’t right.”

“I still found myself really attracted to my Uncle”

But we’re still hooking up…

We’ve been meeting every week or so since then. Sometimes at the bookstore and other times at his house – when my aunt Melony leaves for work. It’s cool to go there now because I’m his nephew.

My family just thinks my Uncle Jack and I are super close. I don’t think they suspect jackshit, let alone sleeping together.  Well, at least I haven’t picked up that vibe from them.

If my mom or step-dad find ever found out about this, I know they would be really pissed off. And my Aunt Melony probably would want to divorce him too.

I’m so confused because I can’t keep my hands off my uncle. If you saw him you’d be saying the same thing so don’t judge me.

Honestly, he’s not doing anything to keep this going. In fact, he keeps telling me that we should stop but I’m the one who keeps initiating it. He just really turns me on – a lot.

What should I do? I mean, is this really wrong? He’s not a blood relative.

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  1. Well I read most of the story. Here is the thing: 1. It sounds like your step father is cool about a lot of things. But you have/had one dad he is the one you call dad no matter what. You have one father in heaven. The proper thing to do is call him by his first name. 2. Uncle Jack is not legally your Uncle. So there for there is no insist at all. Jack is your step dads brother. If you have felling for him let him know as you have and date him. As long as you two are happy that is what counts. You are doing nothing wrong so enjoy life with each other. I hope to hear some day you are getting married and living happily ever after.. Good luck. Let the world deal with it not you.

  2. Actually, one day you’re going to be the one to break your uncles heart because you’ll meet someone else. This relationship with your uncle is unsustainable due to your age difference and his marriage. You would be wise to develop healthier boundaries to protect yourself.

  3. The age difference isn’t a big deal. I’m 44 and I like dating guys half my age. I’ve wanted something serious with a couple but my timing was off and I missed out. Being your step-uncle is a big deal because it involves family. It would effect his wife, your step-dad, and your mom. If he wasn’t married it MAY not be as big of a deal but he is. I wouldn’t want to risk the relationship with my family unless I was sure it could go somewhere and as long as he’s married and in the closet it can’t.

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