Jimmy Garoppolo Biography + 5 Reasons Why We Want to Catch His Football!

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Jimmy Garoppolo Biography and Facts

Jimmy Garoppolo is a name that you may not have be terribly familiar with but probably will in the near future. Until recently, he was the backup quarterback for the New England Patriots. We’ve written about this hideously handsome player before in a post we did last year about 5 NFL players we wish were gay.

Given the four game suspension of Tom Brady for the first part of NFL season resulting from “DeFlate Gate”, we thought we thought it would be a good time to tell you more about this hunky stud that you may not know about. Yep, that’s right folks Jimmy Garoppolo is likely going to be filling in.

We’ll start off with some basic facts and then give our reasons for wanting to catch his football. Don’t forget to vote in our poll at the end!

Jimmy Garoppolo Bio

Date of Birth: November 2, 1991

Place of Birth, Arlington Heights, IL

Sign: Scorpio

Height: 6’2 (maybe 6’3)

Shoe Size: 12 (rumored)

Eye Color: Hazel

Jimmy-Garoppolo-water-shooting mouth hot
Jimmy Garoppolo spitting water

Jimmy Garoppolo Quick Facts

An active athlete during his high school and college years, Jimmy Garoppolo grew up in Arlington Heights, Illinois – a town that is just 25-miles from downtown Chicago.

He went to Rolling Meadows High School and graduated in 2010. Later, he enrolled in Eastern Illinois University and played for the Panthers from 2010-2013.

What’s significant about his college days is that Garoppolo was a big time trailblazer, passing a whopping 1,639 yards and 14 touchdowns – which helped him to win the All-Ohio Valley Conference Newcomer Award. He also received the coveted Walter Payton award during his senior year.

He was drafted in 2014 by the New England Patriots in the second draft. What you may not know that Garoppolo had once held out hope to play for his home state team, the Chicago Bears.

“It would be cool if it happened,” he told the Chicago Tribune back in 2014 and adding, “It would be a dream scenario.”



He’s a short video of the studly Garoppolo in an interview with Jon Gruden’s “QB Camp” that offers a bit more on his background.


top five reasons


We Want to Catch his Football!

OK, now that we have officially gotten his bio out of the way, it’s time to offer our five reasons for wanting to catch Garoppolo’s football! In fact, we would not only like to catch his football but we’d also be open to holding it for him, inflating it and rubbing it for good luck!

Oh and yeah – Garopollo IS way hotter than Tom Brady. Sorry Tom, he just is!

1) He’s an Italian Stallion

Many people think Garoppolo is Greek because of his last name but he’s not – the dude is Italian. This is something he apparently takes pride in, based on interviews. Here at the blog we like all things Italian, including Italian sausage!

2) He’s a jock transforming into a wolf

Without a doubt, Garoppolo is a jock, according to our gay body type classification system. What we have noticed about this ridiculously charming and handsome football player is that he’s quickly turning into a wolf.

If you are a regular visitor to this website, you likely know we kind of have a thing for wolves!

3) He’s smart and focused

Throw out all of the silly stereotypes you hear about football players because they don’t apply to Garoppolo. Aside from his dreamy looks, the dude is majorly intelligent, well-spoken and keenly focused on his career. These traits alone give him extra checkmarks in the husband material column in our book!

We feel the same way about Eric Decker but the dude’s already taken.

garopollo shirtless underwear
Jimmy Garopollo loves his Under Armour!

4) He’s a Scorpio

Now we’re the ones playing into stereotypes but we don’t care! Garoppolo is a Scorpio, which happens to be the 8th house of the Zodiac and ruler of sexual energy. If you like intense men that have a high degree of passion and a strong libido, Scorpios should be on top of your “To Do” list!

FYI: Colin Kaepernick also happens to be a Scorpio. Make sure you check out our post on Kaepernick’s background!

5) He’s currently unattached

To our knowledge, Garoppolo is currently unattached. In the past, he has shared that he hasn’t had the time for any serious dating. We would like to take this opportunity to say here and now that many visitors to our website would gladly accommodate his hectic schedule and bend over backwards to make him happy.

garopollo bulging with muscles

Bonus Fact: He’s a BIG man!

According to legend, they say you can tell a lot from a guy’s feet (we’ve blogged on this topic too). Garoppolo is rumored to wear something around a size 12 in the shoe department. We already know he stands at a whopping 6’2. But that’s not the “tell” you should be focusing on.

What’s key is this man’s voice – just listen to how deep and dreamy it is from this short interview!

Just for fun, we are putting up a poll that asks you your ideal dating scenario with Jimmy Garoppolo. You can only vote once folks so choose wisely!

Any Jimmy … baby … if you are reading this – we totally want to catch your football dude. Rather you know it or not, you have a big gay fan base!


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  1. I mentioned this on other blogs with Jimmy as the subject. All information points to his being w/o a steady GF (or GF) and if past history shows what is going to happen to that ‘status’ he will be rushed into some relationship by the PR team of the Pats! The purpose of this is to stem the speculations that he might be GAY! The scenario starts with him being seen doing the PDA thing possibly with some celeb like an actress or model and then the announcement that he is engaged/married and now a father! (Ala the hunk: Eric Decker?). Well, until that happens, let us fantasize about his sexuality and his possible hookups with other……?

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