Rumored Pics of Former NFL Player and Model Keith Carlos Part of Growing Trend

Keith carlos nsfw photo leak

Keith Carlos photo “Leak” part of a growing trend

In recent weeks, there have been a series of “leaks” of celebrity photos that have been hard to keep up with. One of the most recent of these is former NFL player and winner of ATNM, Keith Carlos.

We’ll certainly direct you to these photographs in a bit but first, we’d like to give you some background on the man before getting all googly eyed.

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Gay Pop File: Keith Carlos

Birthday: December 19, 1987

Sign: Sagittarius man

Height: 6’2

Body Type: Total Jock

Eye Color: Deepish Brown

Shoe Size: 14.5 (Rumored)

While many know Carlos for being the first male winner of America’s Next Top Model (ATNM), many do not know that he used to be a professional football player.

That’s right, Carlos once played for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011. Then, in 2013, he was signed by the New York Giants. But in that same year, he was waived by the Giants because of an injury.

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The jock side of Carlos makes sense when you consider that he his sportsmanship skills landed him a scholarship to college at Purdue University. While he was there, he was a wide receiver (through 2009).

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In 2010, he became a running back for the Boilermakers. FYI: Carlos completed his college education with a bachelor’s in Business Administration.

Prior to his retirement from Football, Carlos had been involved with various modeling jobs. In 2011, Krave Magazine named him their “Krave Kover Winner”.

And then the following year, Carlos made an appearance in the “Made Love Lately” music vid by Day 26. Essence Magazine named him an “unforgettable face” for 2013. We tend to agree with that decision! Maybe that ‘s why we covered him in our front loaded Instagram guys awhile back?

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In 2014, Carlos threw his hat in the ring and auditioned for the 21-cycle of the reality show, ANTM. On December 6, he was named the first male winner of the show which included a contract with NEXT Model Management, a photo shoot for Nylon magazine and a cash prize of $100,000.

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So how did several of his alleged yummy, delicious pictures get out on the net? We’re not sure. All we can do is let you see them for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Obviously, we can’t authenticate the photographs. If they are him, wow!

FYI: We tried to contact Mr. Carlos about the alleged pictures but have received no comment at the time of this posting.

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Here’s the NSFW link – enjoy!

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