Kris Evans Photo Shoot with Video Are GIANT Loads of Yum!

kris evans shirtless photo

Kris Evans pic is next to word HOT in the dictionary

A few weeks ago, we randomly stumbled across former police officer and gay film star, Kris Evans. You may recall that Chris is a Bel Ami model and actors.

In our piece, we talked about the photoshoot conducted by Rick Day; a montage of pics that were designed to pay tribute to Evans for his many years of work for Bel Ami.

What we didn’t know – until now – is that more photos were apparently taken, along with several videos. We took a few moments to check out the imagery and they literally snatched our breath away.

In a moment, we’ll give you a NSFW link to the material so that you can view it for yourself. But before we do, we’d like to just say a couple of things.

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One, if you take heart medication or have a history of high blood pressure, you should not look at these pics! That’s because they’re guaranteed to invoke a cardiac response.

Second – and we mean this – we sincerely hope that Kris Evans doesn’t leave the public eye forever. It is our understanding that the actor/model has been earnestly involved with bodybuilding and exploring new career opportunities.

Obviously, we love brawn around this blog and are huge fans of yummy muscle worship. But Kris doesn’t need to throw out the baby with the bathwater just yet.

For example, he could take an example from Colton Ford and consider an alternative career where his assets are married into a new genre. Examples include doing mainstream acting, theater or if he has the gift, music.

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We know from previous interviews the actor has given that he’s considering other options. Perhaps the recent photoshoot, designed to act as a tribute, will move him into new directions.

OK, we suppose you’d like to see more of Kris now and read less of our rambling. That’s cool.

Follow this NSFW Link to be transported to a world of magic and yum. Remember to click “Proceed to the Site” after initial landing page.

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photo credit: BelAmi and Rick Day