Leaked Document Reveals Mormon Church’s Method of Handling Gay Church Members

Leaked Meeting Minutes?

Did you know there’s a site called MormonLeaks? Really, there is.

The purpose of the site is to make the Mormon church and community more transparent to the general public. They do this by releasing documents and footage from the religion.

One of the latest document leaks is one that reveals more about the inner workings of the Mormon church when it comes to “curing” gay kids.

Specifically, the document is minutes from a meeting at a Utah Layton Priesthood Leadership Conference back in 2014. At the meeting they talked about religious freedom, agnosticism, and sexuality.

Several people and groups were present, most notably members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. And at one point someone asked Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve, “How do you help a young man or young woman who comes in and says ’I think I’m gay’?”

Perry’s response was a classic example of not knowing your subject because he then said that you should give the person questioning their sexuality examples of strong, sexual, and viral men.

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Well, what he literally said was, “Give them association with manly things,” he reportedly said. “Strong men that represent the ideal of relationships, a man who is vigorous and knows the power he holds.” But same thing, right?

Then someone asked him what to do if a gay couple in the congregation starts to get too inappropriate with their affection.

Perry had even more wise words to share on this topic:

“I would invite them to come into my office right after and let them know they were out of line. I would let them know that repentance is possible… [But] adultery is still adultery. Fornication is still fornication. We should continually warn those living in sin that they are jeopardizing their eternal salvation.”

Once again, these documents are a few years old now but only just released. Sadly, we don’t know if Perry has changed his stance in the past few years but since they were at least willing to accept gay church members, maybe he and his people are on the path total acceptance without judgement.

Of course, I’m just a Godless and sinful gay guy. What do I know?

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