Gay Adult Film Star Matthew Rush Arrested on Assault and Battery (Report)

matthew rush arrested

Matthew Rush Arrested

Matthew Rush (real name Greg Grove) has apparently been arrested on assault and battery charges in Florida, according to an Internet report from the folks at Straight Up Gay P*rn.

As you may already know, Rush is one of the most popular gay adult film actors of the last 10 years. He appeared in dozens of videos as “lifetime exclusive” for Falcon Studios.

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He’s also known for his rather large sized anatomy. If you have never seen the man in his birthday suit, you can follow this NSFW link (click “Proceed to this site” after the initial landing page.)

matthew rush mug shot
Mug shot Matthew Rush (Greg Grove)

We visited the Broward Sheriff’s Office and did find a record for Rush/Grove and captured the following information from his official inmate page appearing on the site.

Greg Grove

Here’s what ST8UPGAYP has to say:

“Rush—who has stayed in the public sphere via gay porn cameos, hosting gigs, and live appearances using his real name, Greg Grove—was arrested earlier today on a “touch or strike/battery/dating violence” charge, indicating that the person he assaulted was likely his boyfriend or romantic partner.”

We noticed the violation that appears next to his record showed the digits: 784.03, which apparently in Florida means battery. We’ve linked at the bottom of this story to ST8UPGAYP’s reporting (see our hat tip).

Quick background on Matthew Rush

Just in case you are wondering about his background, here is some material from his Wikipedia listing:

“Matthew Rush is a bi-racial American gay pornographic film actor, magazine model, and a bodybuilder and personal trainer. He has competed at the Gay Games in Amsterdam and Sydney, Australia.

Rush was under a lifetime exclusive pornographic career contract with Falcon Studios that ended in 2009 so he could pursue other projects in the pornographic industry.

His first post-Falcon project was a pornographic video and photo shoot with photographer Jon Royce on January 22, 2009.

Rush is a powerful top in many of his film roles, but he can also perform as a vocal bottom.

His first post-Falcon porn shoot was with Pantheon Productions in San Francisco on January 23, 2009. In the film, titled Brief Encounters (Real Men, Vol. 17), Rush played a nasty son that “flip-flopped” with hairy daddy Tim Kelly.

Rush’s career was revitalized when he joined the website in 2009. His easy going attitude and versatility has resulted with him receiving the 2010 Grabby Award and GayVN Award in the category “Best Versatile Performer”.

Rush has appeared in the TV detective film Third Man Out, starring Chad Allen, and in the motion picture Another Gay Movie. From 2002 to 2005, he acted in a traveling stage production of Ronnie Larsen’s Making Porn.

His retirement from the pornographic industry, announced in October 2011, was short lived when he returned to making pornographic films in January 2012.”