Matthew Rush: Too Broke To Hire a Lawyer for Domestic Violence Case

matthew rush face pictures

No savings or liquid assets

We’re following up on a story GPB did a few weeks ago about gay adult film star, Matt Rush (Greg Grove). You may recall that Rush was arrested and put in jail on charges of assault and battery.

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, it appears Mr. Rush has declared himself indigent and therefore doesn’t have the financial resources to hire an attorney to defend himself.

As shared by the website ST8UPGAYP*ORN, the former Falcon Video actor essentially declared himself too broke to get his own lawyer, which paves the way for him to be provided a court appointed attorney.

In court documents that appear to be of Rush’s online, the paperwork reveals that the actor only makes a monthly income of $1,600. He also revealed that he had zero money in the bank and no other liquid assets.

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This means no savings, no stocks, no retirement funds or even equity in something like a car.

We find this unfortunate because Rush was a mainstay of Falcon video for many years. Below is a somewhat recent photograph of the actor from his Twitter account.

Rush, who is only 43-years old, faces charges on assault and battery. He previously made statements suggesting that the incident happened as an act of self-defense.

As shared by ST8UPGAYP*RN:

“As the arresting officer writes, Rush (Greg Grove) was being physically pushed out of the house by his ex-boyfriend, which led to Rush striking his ex in the mouth.

The officer—and even the ex-boyfriend himself—notes that the ex-boyfriend was pushing Rush “several times,” which could be interpreted as a form of violence itself.

The ex-boyfriend was not arrested following the incident. According to the report, Rush first said that he punched his ex-boyfriend in self-defense, but then he claimed that the ex “ran into his forearm” during the scuffle.”

Provided Mr. Rush doesn’t go for a plea deal, a date for his pre-trial hearing should be scheduled in the coming weeks.

h/t: StraightUpGayP*rn